Top 9 Best 90s Games of All Time

These are some of the best 90s games we had the chance to play.

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Did you know? The first video game was released in 1958 by the physicist William Higginbotham, similar to Pong, released in 1970. The starting era of video games might have been fascinating; however, the Golden age of video games was in the 90s, when some of the best 90s games were released, including Diablo (1996), MYST (1993), Quake (1997), Unreal Tournament (1999), and more. 

Similarly, many other games were also released with impressive gameplay, and these games still dominate the gaming industry. Some of the best 90s games are World of Warcraft, Old School Runescape, and Final Fantasy

Best 90s games of all time – let’s mention some of them!

In short, gaming history is long and full of great titles, including the rise and fall of several companies that kept the gaming industry growing continuously. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best 90s games. 

Myst – 1993

best 90s games

Myst is one of the best-selling PC games, offering iconic puzzle gameplay where you deal with mysterious magical books. The book is responsible for transporting the player to a deserted island fully loaded with puzzles. Many NPCs are available, and each has something unique to share; solving tricky puzzles may help you unlock additional content. It’s one of the best 90s video games.

Age of Empires 2 – 1999

best 90s games

Age of Empires is a long-running video game series that takes you back to a medieval-themed setting with diverse scenarios. It was released in 1999, offering a building and strategic gameplay set in historical times. The real-time strategy game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes. 

Theme Hospital – 1997

Theme Hospital

Do you have every dream of building a hospital? The opportunity was released for players almost two decades ago with the launch of Theme Hospital. It is a Business and Management Simulation full of tricky tasks and humor. Besides, you start your journey with an empty area. Your objective focuses on making structures, hiring and training staff, arranging beds, and more. Lots of typical problems await you in the game, and good management skills may help you get rid of all those problems. It’s one of the really nice additions in our 90s pc games list.

Diablo – 1997


The perfect mix of action and RPG was released in 1997 with single-player and multiplayer modes. It was set in a fictional area in the mortal realm where the player controls a hero to fight against monsters and other deadly creatures. The player requires to go through sixteen different dungeon levels full of monsters. Players can interact with NPCs during the game and perform actions, including casting a spell. The environment is randomly generated, and you won’t experience the same thing twice. It was one of the best 90s games for sure.

Dungeon Keeper – 1997

best 90s games

Dungeon Keeper is also one of the best 90s games released with a mix of RTS, dungeon crawling, and God game elements for Windows and MS-DOS. It has both modes and features a management system, wherein the player must build and manage the dungeon; besides, depending on the dungeons from invading forces is the next job. Killing monsters is a way to earn in-game currency. The player must dominate the world by smashing forces and rival dungeon-keepers in each realm. Easily one of the best 90s games.

The Curse of Monkey Island – 1997

The Curse of Monkey Island

You can make an idea about the popularity of The Curse of Monkey Island from its availability on the Steam platform after its first release in 1997. It comes with a mix of point-and-click, adventure, atmospheric puzzle, and single-player game elements in the cartoony environment. Furthermore, the game was released for those players who love playing graphic puzzle video games. 

X-Com: Terror from the Deep – 1995

best 90s games

Like the Curse of Monkey Island, X-Com is also released on Steam for users to play and experience the old-school themed game that introduces a blend of turn-based strategy, sci-fi, and base-building game elements. It supports only single-player mode; however, customization options are endless. It is the sequel to X-Com: UFO Defense. Witness the massive battle between two powerful factions – decide your side and jump into the game to dominate the opposing team. It was one of the best games of the 90s.

Doom – 1993

best 90s games

Doom was one of the best horror-themed first-person shooter video games in 1993. Having said that doesn’t mean the game isn’t famous anymore. It is the best game of old times, with the most positive reviews on Steam, and available to play for $4.99. In this game, you assume the role of a marine who embarks on a journey to battle against vicious creatures, demons, and other entities. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon – 1999

best 90s games

RollerCoaster Tycoon is a business simulation wherein your goal is to design your dream park and build the world’s best RollerCoaster to make money. It offers a perfect mix of building, decoration, and business sim – introducing thrilling gameplay that keeps you engaged for endless fun. Go wild with your creativity when designing your rollercoaster, and welcome everyone for a ride. It was released in 1999, and still, it is ruling over the heart of people. 

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