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Top 8 TV Shows That Aren’t ‘Friends’

Friends is not the only TV show that deserves your attention, right?

by The Dope Lists

The world of Netflix binges and serial addictions is alluring, especially if you have some time to kill. Ironically, people nowadays manage to watch numerous TV shows in the span of only a month despite their hectic schedules.

Friends, for instance, is a TV series that simply can’t be ignored – even the busiest of people are in the know about this cult show. Upon its recent reunion, we have prepared a list of hilarious situation comedies or just fantastic series that could fill the void left by the all-time classic TV show. We promise not to be as nitpicking as Monica, and we hope to satisfy your hunger, even if it’s as great as Joey’s.

Modern Love

A romantic anthology, based on the New York Times column of the same, starring Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, and Andy Garcia – this sentence alone deserves at least a “click-to-view.” What’s in common with Friends is that it’s a sitcom set in New York City – in 8 episodes, we explore the complicated worlds of different people and their attitudes towards love. Not necessarily romantic love, per se, but deep-seated, all-consuming love that may take many shapes and forms. They released this Amazon treasure in the fall of 2019, but its second season came out just last August. Are you binging it yet?!


This one is a must-watch for people who appreciate the awkward humor and sitcoms like The Office. NBS and Dan Harmon (co-creator of Rick and Morty) place us in the minds of some crazy characters with nutty lines and agendas. In the span of six seasons (ending in 2015) and short episodes that just fly by, this TV show and these particular screwballs, living under the roof of a community college, are bound to brighten your day. One of the screwballs in question is Ken Jeong – a comedian and a doctor known for The Hangover. With a rating of 8.5 and the approval stamp from nerds worldwide, Community deserves your attention – and you deserve Community.


Do you remember when TV shows had 30 thousand episodes and 15 seasons? Grey’s Anatomy, for instance, is the contemporary version of The Bold and the Beautiful. In Grey’s, however, many more characters meet their death soon after being introduced in the show. Seinfeld is a well-known classic that ran for nine seasons. It has already come to Netflix and is considered one of the most influential TV shows of all time. The plot is again set in New York City and revolves around the ordinary things in life without establishing a strict narrative. As we already said, the miniseries era has arrived – we’ve gone tired of long-running shows that steal the little time we have to begin with. But when it’s worth it – it’s really worth it. Take Lost, for instance – there are many other acclaimed series from ancient times (and we mean before 2010) that are most certainly worth checking out.

The War at Home + The Middle

The fourth place in our list goes to not one but two TV shows because we just couldn’t help ourselves. In fact, they have a lot in common and somehow go well together. In both shows, we follow short journeys into the lives of American families. We get to know the characters and their shortcomings; we see them grow up and get in trouble. The War at Home ran for just two seasons, but one of the highlights is definitely Rami Malek, who shines in a charming role long before he became Mr. Robot or embodied Freddie Mercury. On the other hand, The Middle has Brick (Atticus Shaffer) – a boy who whispers when he lies. We aren’t sure if he’s funnier than Young Sheldon (yes, he is), but he will undoubtedly crack you up.


Two seasons, two Golden Globes, 53 more awards, and 62 nominations. Sounds promising, huh?! We think so. We need a cup of British humor in our list, and this dark comedy may deserve more attention even than Friends. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is actually a real-life comedian – she creates, writes, and stars in the TV series that is, in fact, based on a one-woman show of the same name from 2013. The story follows a woman nicknamed Fleabag – she has no filter when talking, floats through life with the help of a weird sense of humor, and uses it to cope with a recent tragedy in her life.

To sum up our feelings about the show, we’d like to paraphrase a quote from the IMDb boards: “If you don’t like it, no one can save you. Go watch it or remain emotionally detached.” We believe you’ll make the right choice.

Never Have I Ever

Are you ready for a teenage comedy-drama? It’s really not only the young adults that have a soft spot for shows like this. It’s true that people older than 16 really do binge-watch Riverdale without needing to experience a mental orgasm. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Mindy Kaling, who has her own show (The Mindy Project), but we will never forget her from The Office, is a co-creator of this production, and the second season is already out. The story follows a young Indian-American girl trying to deal with her father’s death while living through her own little teen dramas. It’s partially based on Mindy’s childhood in Boston. 

Mad Men

We are in deep waters now. As the dashing Don Draper, Jon Hamm can put any copywriter to shame while shamelessly sipping whiskey. Naturally, he’s an incurable womanizer with a gorgeous blond for a wife. We add Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) to the mix, who gradually climbs the ladder of this corporate world, dominated by men. Seven seasons will fly by, we promise you. With Mad Men, we dive into the drama genre, where humor is not a priority but more of a splash. New York City during the 1960s is a very different place from the Friends’ setting but letting Mad Men into your life (not literally) will surely be a wise binging decision. If nothing else, you’ll emerge super confident about your slogan writing abilities.

Modern Family

This one is a sitcom about the Los Angeles suburbs. The 11th and last season aired in 2019. It shines with its mockumentary style, breaking the fourth wall and 22 Emmy awards. The show’s creators, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, must be happy to portray their own families successfully. The audience most certainly is happy as Modern Family is beloved all over the world.

How I Met Your Mother is, of course, the cliched alternative version of Friends. Cliched but somehow tasteful. We hope that one of our picks will be just your cup of tea, but even more than that – we hope that it’s “legend-wait-for-it-dary.” Give a chance to these excellent TV shows!

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