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Top 8 TV Shows Like Stranger Things

You loved Stranger Things? Don't miss to watch these, too!

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TV Shows Like Stranger Things – did you watch these already?

Do you like binging shows that make your heart quiver and keep you hooked till the end? Then this is exactly where you find everything that you desire to watch.

Stranger Things, directed by The Duffer Brothers, is a popular science fiction horror series. Besides winning numerous awards, it never fails to unravel mysteries with thrilling plots. With four seasons and the final season on the way, its storyline can never upset the viewers.

The story begins to unfold in the 1980s when Will Byres (featured by Noah Schnapp) goes missing in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The dark secrets of government trials, supernatural forces, and hidden scandals uncover that can keep you excited till the end.

If Stranger Things is at the top of your list, check out the fantastic similar TV shows (and movies) below:

13 Reasons Why

shows like Stranger Things

13 Reasons Why is a teen mystery and thriller that will make you wonder, “Who was the killer?” It tells the story of a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide, leaving recorded tapes behind, which help to reveal 13 reasons for her suicide. Clay Jensen (her classmate and crush) is on the verge of seeking the answers and dark secrets for her death. The suspense continues throughout the series. Watch until the end to discover the reasons because they unlock all the dark secrets. Now get ready to spend sleepless nights with this awakening plot! It’s one of the best TV shows like Stranger Things on Netflix.


shows like Stranger Things

Never forget to watch Riverdale if you like Stranger Things. The dark genre of Riverdale, which shows the unraveling thriller of a group of teens getting into conflict, can make a similar touch to Stranger Things. In the entangled game of murder, Riverdale gets you to the darkest corner of ambiguity. The murder of Jack Blossoms, a rich and famous high school student, drags the attention of the seemingly quiet town of Riverdale. The haunting show Riverdale can amaze you with its new storyline every season. Its endless mystery, thriller, and suspense throughout the season can get you knotted in the game of eagerness. If you are searching for a series with a lot of mystery, this is definitely worth watching. It’s one of the TV shows similar to Stranger Things.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

shows like Stranger Things

Suppose the words supernatural, dark fantasy, mystery, teen drama, or horror fiction comes to your mind. And you want to watch TV shows like Stranger Things. In that case, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has it all. It is yet another enthralling comic-based series directed in 2018 that will take you to two different worlds. Sabrina Spellman belongs to both the fantasy witch world known as “The Church Night” of her family and the mortal world. At a crossroads in two different worlds, what decision will she take as her 16th birthday nears? It’s one of the series like Stranger Things you can watch.

Archive 81

Archive 81

Most of the mysteries start with videotapes, right? The recorded tapes, the answers, the revealing concepts, Archive 81 chills you in a daunting manner. Starring Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner, this supernatural horror developed by Rebecca Sonnenshine is a creepy and ominous series. The past resurfaces in the present; the story connects with the tapes’ missing creator and the dangerous cult. We can say it’s one of the Top 10 series like Stranger Things.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

Do you believe in superheroes? If not, try watching this series because it can make you believe in them. Another science fantasy drama directed by Steve Blackman in which the plots revolve around secrecy and fantasy. The name “The Umbrella Academy” comes from a group of seven superheroes adopted by a billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Between the apocalypse and the separated family, the members with different superpowers come together to discover the truth behind their father’s death. Suppose the supernatural power and fantasy, along with mind-blowing thrillers, are what you’re looking for. In that case, The Umbrella Academy is the right choice. The superheroes are definitely going to impress you with unimaginable powers. It’s one of the other shows like Stranger Things.

All Of Us Are Dead

All of us are dead

Set in and around a high secondary school, All of Us are Dead is 12 hours long Korean Zombie drama. A girl gets bitten by an infected lab rat, and she, in turn, bites a classmate, and before you realize it, the whole city is overrun by zombies. Having high school students as the main characters pay off. The students flung about by their hormones heighten the mood with their oversized reactions, just as in Stranger Things. You will wonder if the series was made as a COVID-19 metaphor. Maybe in the future, Netflix will use more similar zombie series to make sense of the COVID era. Brace yourself; a lot of goosebumps and screams are coming your way. It’s one of the good TV shows if you like Stranger Things.

The Witch

The Witch

This gruesome but absorbing South Korean sequel is a 2018 sci-fi horror with a good-looking and super-cool cast. Suppose you have seen both sequels (the second one released in 2022). In that case, you will feel that the plot is a bit like a Korean version of Stranger Things, with the main protagonist in both parts as the Witch’s version of Eleven, the gene genie. “Secret facility,” “Psychokinetic,” and “superpower” are the words synonymous with both shows.

Harry Potter

TV shows like Stranger Things

There are several weird similarities between Stranger Things and the Harry Potter series. While both are sci-fi fantasies and revolve around the “chosen one” with main characters like Eleven and Harry, respectively. You can argue that Harry Potter and his friends are wizards and witches with magic wands attending a magical school. The Stranger Things kids are just curious kids, except for Eleven – a telekinetic superhuman. The similarity sparks from a curious group of kids who find themselves in the center of an overwhelming adventure, uncover hidden secrets and abilities and have to defeat evil forces which look insurmountable. Fans can definitely draw parallels between the two shows. There definitely is a Harry Potter vibe in Stranger Things too.

And… it’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our list of Stranger Things similar series. We can’t get enough of the Netflix show, but as you can see – there are some alternatives. Which one you’re going to start now?

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