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Top 9 Things You Need to Know About Remus Lupin From Harry Potter

Did you know these things about Remus Lupin?

by Nora Yulieva

In the enchanting realm of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, there exists a character whose complexity and depth have captured the hearts of Harry Potter fans worldwide. Remus Lupin, the enigmatic and kind-hearted werewolf, plays a pivotal role in the epic saga, and yes – we all love him… 

Even though you probably know Remus John Lupin pretty well, we are sure that there are some things you have never heard about… And as a real Harry Potter fan, you definitely need to know the interesting facts we are about to share with you! So, let’s begin!

The First Appearance of Remus Lupin HP

Remus John Lupin, commonly known as Lupin, made his first appearance in J.K. Rowling’s third installment of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” Born on March 10th, 1960, Remus came from a background steeped in tragedy and magic. His mother, Hope Howell, and his father, Lyall Lupin, were both skilled witches and wizards. Lyall Lupin was a renowned expert in magical creatures and served as a dedicated employee at the Ministry of Magic, specializing in the study of dangerous magical beasts.

Despite the magical prowess of his parents, Remus Lupin’s life took a dark turn when he was bitten by a werewolf at the tender age of four. This fateful encounter occurred when Lyall Lupin was working to improve the conditions for werewolves, and it left his son cursed with lycanthropy. This curse would define much of Remus Lupin’s life and character.

Remus Lupin

The Story of Remus Lupin’s Parents

Remus Lupin was the only child of the wizard Lyall Lupin and his Muggle spouse Hope Howell.

Lyall Lupin was an extremely shrewd, rather modest young fellow who, when he was thirty, had turned into an incredibly famous expert on Non-Human Spiritous Apparitions. These incorporate phantoms, Boggarts and other weird animals that, while at times ghostlike for all intents and purposes and conduct, have never been really alive and remain something of a secret even to the wizarding scene.

On an analytical trp into thick Welsh woods in which an especially horrible Boggart should sneak, Lyall stumbled into his future wife. Hope Howell, a delightful Muggle young lady who worked in a protection office in Cardiff, had gone for a misguided stroll through what she accepted to be an innocent forest. Boggarts and ghosts might be detected by Muggles, and Hope, an especially innovative and touchy individual, had become persuaded that something was watching her from between the dull trees. Ultimately, her creative mind turned out to be overactive to such an extent that the Boggart expected a structure: that of a large, evil-looking man who, in the gloom, snarled and pounced on her with outstretched hands. Hearing her shout, youthful Lyall came running through the trees, making the nebulous vision recoil into a field mushroom with one rush of his wand. The scared Expectation thought, in her disarray, that he had driven her future aggressor away, and his most memorable words to her – ‘it’s okay, it was just a Boggart’ – established no impression on her. Seeing how exceptionally gorgeous she was, Lyall went with the insightful choice not to discuss Boggarts any more, but rather concurred that the man had been extremely huge and startling, and that the main reasonable thing to do was for him to go with Hope home to safeguard her.

The youthful couple fell head over heels, and not even Lyall’s shamefaced confirmation, a few months after the fact, that Hope had never truly been in harm’s way, marked her energy for him. To Lyall’s pleasure, Hope acknowledged his proposition of marriage and hurled herself energetically into arrangements for the wedding, complete with a Boggart-bested cake.

Lyall and Hope’s first child, young Remus John, was brought into the world following an extended time of marriage. He was a happy, healthy young boy who showed early signs of magic. Both of his parents hoped that he would one day attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like his father did.

How was Remus Lupin bitten?

The prevalence of dark magic was steadily rising across the nation by the time Remus was four years old. While few yet understood what lay behind the mounting assaults and sightings, Master Voldemort’s most memorable climb to drive was underway and Passing Eaters were enlisting a wide range of Dull animals to go along with them in their journey to oust the Service of Enchantment. The Service brought in the administrations of experts on Dull animals – even those as minor as Boggarts and apparitions – to help it comprehend and contain the danger. Lyall Lupin happily accepted an invitation to join the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. It was here that Lyall encountered a werewolf called Fenrir Greyback, who had been taken in to be interrogated about the passing of two Muggle youngsters.

The Werewolf Registry had poor upkeep. Werewolves were so disregarded by wizarding society that they for the most part stayed away from contact with others; They did everything in their power to avoid being registered and lived in what they referred to as “packs.” Greyback, whom the Service didn’t know to be a werewolf, professed to be just a Muggle tramp who was completely stunned at ending up in a room loaded with wizards, and sickened by the discussion about poor people, dead youngsters.

Greyback’s dirty clothing and absence of wand were adequate to convince two exhausted and oblivious individuals from the scrutinizing board that he was coming clean, yet Lyall Lupin was not really effectively tricked. He perceived specific indications in Greyback’s appearance and conduct and let the council know that Greyback should be kept in confinement until the following full moon, a simple 24 hours after the fact.

Greyback sat peacefully while Lyall was giggled at by his kindred advisory group individuals (‘Lyall, you simply stick to Welsh Boggarts, that you’re great at’). Lyall, for the most part an unassuming man, became irate. “Soulless, evil, deserving nothing but death,” he said of werewolves. The board requested Lyall out of the room, the top of the advisory group apologized to the Muggle drifter and Greyback was delivered.

The wizard who accompanied Greyback out of the request was expecting to put a Memory Appeal upon him, with the goal that he would neglect having been inside the Service. Before he got an opportunity to do as such, he was overwhelmed by Greyback and two accessories who had been sneaking at the entry, and the three werewolves escaped.

Greyback lost no time in imparting to his companions how Lyall Lupin had recently depicted them. Their retribution on the wizard who felt that werewolves merited a lot of death would be quick and horrendous.

In no time before Remus Lupin’s fifth birthday celebration, as he rested calmly in his bed, Fenrir Greyback constrained open the kid’s window and went after him. Lyall arrived at the room so as to save his child’s life, driving Greyback out of the house with various strong condemnations. Be that as it may, consequently, Remus would be a completely fledged werewolf.

Lyall Lupin never pardoned himself for the words he had expressed before Greyback at the request: ‘ callous, malevolent, meriting quite a lot of death’. He had parroted what was the normal perspective on werewolves locally, however his child was what he had forever been – loveable and shrewd – with the exception of that horrendous period at the full moon when he experienced an unbearable change and turned into a threat to everybody around him. For a long time, Lyall kept reality with regards to the assault, including the character of the aggressor, from his child, dreading Remus’ recriminations.

Remus Lupin

Remus Childhood – A Journey with a bit of Sadness 

Lyall did all he could to track down a fix, yet neither mixtures nor spells could help his child. From this time onwards, the family’s lives were overwhelmed by the need to conceal Remus’ condition. They moved from village to town and left as soon as the boy’s strange behavior was talked about. Individual witches and wizards saw how peaky Remus became as the new moon drew nearer, also his month to month vanishings. In case he revealed the truth about his condition, Remus was forbidden to play with other children. In the end, and disregarding his caring guardians, he was a desolate kid.

While Remus was little, his control during his change was quite easy; a locked room and a lot of quieting spells normally did the trick. Nonetheless, as he developed, so did his wolfish self, and when he was a decade old, he was fit for beating down entryways and crushing windows. Perpetually strong spells were expected to contain him and both Expectation and Lyall became dainty with stress and dread. They adored their son, but they were aware that a wild werewolf would not be tolerated in their community, which was already plagued by anxieties due to the growing Dark activity in the area. The expectations that they had once had for their child appeared to be in ruins, and Lyall taught Remus at home, sure that he would always be unable to go to class.

Presently before Remus’ 11th birthday celebration, no less an individual than Albus Dumbledore, Superintendent of Hogwarts, showed up excluded on the Lupins’ doorstep. Lyall and Hope tried to prevent him from entering, but five minutes later, Dumbledore was eating crumpets and playing Gobstones with Remus at the fireside.

Dumbledore cleared up for the Lupins that he realized what had befallen their child. Dumbledore had spies among the Dark creatures, and Greyback had boasted of his accomplishments. In any case, Dumbledore let the Lupins know that he saw not a great explanation for why Remus shouldn’t come to school, and portrayed the game plans that he had made to give the kid no problem at all for his changes. Dumbledore agreed that Remus’ condition shouldn’t be broadcast because of the widespread prejudice against werewolves. One time per month, he would take off from for a solid and agreeable house in the town of Hogsmeade, monitored by many spells and arrived at exclusively by an underground section from the Hogwarts grounds, where he could change in harmony.

Remus’ energy was past anything he had known previously. It was an incredible fantasy to meet different youngsters and have, interestingly, companions and close friends.

Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin at School

Arranged into Gryffindor house, Remus Lupin was quickly made friends with by two happy, certain and insubordinate young men, James Potter and Sirius Dark. They were drawn in by Remus’ peaceful funny bone and a thoughtfulness that they esteemed, regardless of whether they generally have it themselves. Remus, consistently the longshot’s companion, was benevolent to short and rather sluggish Peter Pettigrew, an individual Gryffindor, whom James and Sirius probably wouldn’t have thought commendable about their consideration without Remus’ influence. Before long, these four became indistinguishable.

Remus worked as the soul of this gathering, yet it was a sporadically broken inner voice. He didn’t like how much they bullied Severus Snape all the time, but he loved James and Sirius so much and was grateful for their acceptance that he didn’t always stand up to them as much as he should have.

Definitely, his three closest companions before long became inquisitive with regards to why Remus needed to evaporate one time each month. Persuaded by his desolate youth that his companions would abandon him assuming they realize that he was a werewolf, Remus made up perpetually elaborate deceives representing his non attendances. James and Sirius speculated reality in their subsequent year. To Remus’ flabbergasted appreciation, they remained his companions as well as concocted a brilliant strategy for facilitating his month to month separation. They likewise gave him an epithet that would follow him all through school: ‘ Moony’. Remus completed his school profession as a Consul.

The Order of the Phoenix

By the time the four friends graduated from school, Lord Voldemort’s rise to power was nearly over. Genuine protection from him was packed in the underground association called the Request for the Phoenix, which every one of the four young fellows joined.

The passing of James Potter, alongside his significant other Lily, because of Master Voldemort, was one of the most horrible accidents of Remus’ now grieved life. His companions implied much more to him than to others, since he had since a long time acknowledged the way that a great many people would regard him as distant, and that there could be no chance of wedding and having kids. Worse still, he had also lost his two other closest friends within 24 hours. Remus was in the north of the nation on Request of the Phoenix business when he heard the horrendous news that one of them had killed the other, and was presently in Azkaban, a trickster to the Request and to Lily and James themselves.

Remus began a long period of being alone and unhappy after Voldemort’s demise, which had been such a joy to the rest of the wizarding community. He had lost his three dear companions and, with the Request disbanded, his past confidants got back to occupied lives with families. His mom was currently dead, and keeping in mind that Lyall, his dad, was constantly more than happy to see his child, Remus would not jeopardize his dad’s tranquil presence by getting back to live with him.

Remus now had to take on jobs that were far below his level of skill because he knew he would have to quit before his coworkers noticed his pattern of getting sick once a month on the full moon.

Remus Lupin

The Wolfsbane Mixture

One improvement in the wizarding local area gave Remus trust: the discovery of the Potion of Wolfsbane. While this didn’t forestall a werewolf losing his human structure one time each month, it limited his change to that of a customary and lethargic wolf. It had forever been Remus’ most awful apprehension that he would kill while out of his right brain. Be that as it may, the Wolfsbane Elixir was mind boggling and the fixings pricey. Remus carried on with his lonesome, wandering existence because he was unable to sample it without revealing who he was.

His Role As a Hogwarts Professor

Remus Lupin’s return to Hogwarts as a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts is a significant moment in the series. His teaching methods, rooted in practicality and real-world application, resonated with students, making him a beloved figure at the school.

During his tenure as a professor, Lupin instilled confidence in his students and imparted essential defensive skills in the face of the rising threat of Lord Voldemort. His classes were characterized by a hands-on approach, often featuring practical demonstrations of dark creatures and curses.

Lupin Harry Potter

The Battle of Hogwarts and Beyond

Remus Lupin’s involvement in the climactic Battle of Hogwarts marked a turning point in the series. Alongside his wife, Nymphadora Tonks, he fought valiantly to protect the wizarding world from the forces of darkness. Tragically, both Remus and Tonks lost their lives in the battle, leaving their son, Teddy Lupin, an orphan.

The sacrifices made by Remus and Tonks underscored the overarching theme of love and sacrifice prevalent throughout the Harry Potter series. Their deaths were a poignant reminder of the cost of the battle against evil and the importance of protecting future generations.

Remus Lupin, the complex and enduring character in the Harry Potter series, is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the capacity for good even in the face of adversity. His journey from a cursed child to a beloved professor and member of the Order of the Phoenix is a captivating and inspiring tale that continues to resonate with fans of all ages. So yes – it is fully understandable why we all love him!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who plays Remus Lupin in Harry potter?

Remus Lupin is played by David Thewils.

What are some notable movies and TV shows featuring David Thewlis?

David Thewlis has appeared in a wide range of movies and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his notable works include “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Fargo” (TV series), “Wonder Woman,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “The Theory of Everything.”

Did David Thewlis appear in “Seven Years in Tibet”?

Yes, David Thewlis had a significant role in the film “Seven Years in Tibet.” He played the character of Peter Aufschnaiter, a mountaineer and friend to Heinrich Harrer, portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie.

What is Remus Lupin’s wand in the Harry Potter series?

Remus Lupin’s wand in the Harry Potter series is made of cypress wood and has a unicorn hair core. Cypress wood wands are known for being associated with nobility and resilience, reflecting Lupin’s character traits.

When is Remus Lupin’s birthday?

Remus Lupin’s birthday is March 10th. He was born in the wizarding world on this date.

Was Remus Lupin a good or bad character in the Harry Potter series?

Remus Lupin is unquestionably portrayed as a good character in the Harry Potter series. He is known for his kindness, compassion, and dedication to protecting others from dark forces. His role as a mentor to Harry Potter and his contributions to the fight against Voldemort highlight his unwavering commitment to the side of good in the wizarding world.

BONUS: Memorable Remus Lupin quotes from the Harry Potter series:

“Dementors Force Us To Live Our Very Worst Memories. Our Pain Becomes Their Power.” 

“It Made All The Difference In The World. You Saved An Innocent Man From A Terrible Fate. It Made A Great Deal Of Difference.” 

“It Is The Quality Of One’s Convictions That Determines Success, Not The Number of Followers.”

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