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Top 7 Robert Downey Jr. Movies with 7+ Rating

Robert Downey Jr. is one of our favorite actors.

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Robert Downey Jr. is one of Hollywood’s favorite stars and a worldwide crush. He possesses an enviable charisma and incredible acting skills, often deeming him an embodiment of the perfect man. Nevertheless, women aren’t the only fans of Downey’s work.

Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, musician, and singer. Born in 1965 in New York City, he made his acting debut at the age of 5 when he starred in Robert Downey Sr’s movie Pound. Junior’s professional career goes through multiple ups and downs – from remarkable success for a young actor to various drug and legal problems, only to regain his fame at an older age. 

Today’s TOP list presents seven fantastic movies starring Robert Downey Jr. that rate 7+ on IMDb.

Iron Man (7.9/10)

We start with the Marvel sci-fi fan-favorite – Iron Man. The movie that launches the superhero MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) franchise. Iron Man has a 7.9 IMDb rating, and Robert Downey Jr. plays the main character Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man.

The plot tells the story of Tony Stark – a billionaire and a genius tech creator who is kidnapped to build a weapon of destruction. Instead, he uses his resourcefulness and intellect to create a high-tech armor-plated costume that helps him escape. After he uncovers a criminal plan with lethal consequences on a global scale, Tony puts on his costume and pledges to protect the world as a living superhero. Robert Downey Jr. receives a Saturn award for Best Actor for his role in Iron Man.

Zodiac (7.7/10)

Our second pick is the David Fincher thriller Zodiac. The story follows a serial killer that terrorizes the San Francisco Bay Area and how the police relentlessly chase him in the span of a decade. The movie is based on an actual event from the 1960s and the 1970s.

The murderer makes it a habit to send the police and press several teasing letters and fragments of his victims’ clothes. The case still remains one of the most prominent unsolved crimes in the USA. Here Robert Downey Jr. plays Paul Avery – a journalist who gains popularity by reporting on the Zodiac case. This is a brilliant movie by Fincher with a 7.7 IMDb rating and is one of the most intriguing thrillers to date.

Sherlock Holmes (7.6/10)

It is impossible not to have heard of the next movie on our TOP list, even if you haven’t seen it yourself. It’s Sherlock Holmes – the 2009 adventure movie by Guy Ritchie. Robert Downey Jr. slips effortlessly into the role of the infamous London detective – a man who is as mad as he is brilliant in what he does.

The events of the movie take place in 1890. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson manage to prevent the last of six human sacrifices in London. The perpetrator Lord Blackwood, a fan of the dark occult, is sentenced to death, but the ritual killings don’t stop. It seems as though Lord Blackwood has risen from the dead and continues to terrorize London.

Sherlock Holmes is the city’s last hope, but he is rather engaged with his own problems. His loyal partner in crime and friend Watson is about to get married, and the detective feels somewhat abandoned. The con artist Irene Adler, an old acquaintance of Holmes, comes to aid the two friends. The three of them must bring down Lord Blackwood as well as the mysterious Professor Moriarty, who is somehow at the bottom of the conspiracy – and all before the villains succeed in achieving their evil plan. In all honesty, Downey Jr. really pulls off the look of “he who shall save the world,” a look that we have actually seen more than once in his movie career. Sherlock Holmes has a 7.6 IMDb rating and is a definite favorite among movie buffs.

Chaplin (7.5/10)

The fourth place in our list goes to the movie that earns Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination – Chaplin. Based on the autobiography by the British comedian Charlie Chaplin, the film scores a 7.5 IMDb rating. Its massive success can be attributed to the incredible cast, including Anthony Hopkins, Diane Lane, and Chaplin’s real-life daughter Geraldine.

The story follows the brilliant comedian Charlie Chaplin as he prepares his memoirs with the help of his editor. Through flashbacks, we see Chaplin’s poverty-stricken childhood, his friendships, and failed marriages, as well as his banishment from the US due to political reasons. Numerous fragments from his famous movies like The Kid, The Gold Rush, and The Great Dictator are scattered between the scenes. Director Richard Attenborough follows Chaplin’s life journey all the way back to America, where he eventually receives an Academy Honorary Award.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (7.5/10)

Our next excellent pick is the American comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by director Shane Black. In this gem of a movie Robert Downey Jr. plays the two-bit crook Harry Lockhart, who stumbles into an audition in Los Angeles while running from the cops. Unfortunately for him, he actually gets the part but what follows is a path fraught with difficulties and unpredictable twists that eventually turn into a murder mystery. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with an IMDb rating of 7.5, is a recommended dose of mindless fun, bound to entertain you more than you have expected.

Wonder Boys (7.3/10)

Second to last on our list is the American comedy, based on the Michael Chabon book by the same name, Wonder Boys. Directed by Curtis Hanson, the movie scores a 7.3 IMDb rating. It is a dark humor odyssey about Grady Tripp – a Pittsburgh college professor who has just gotten divorced for the third time. The professor’s debut novel has earned a prestigious award, but he struggles with finishing his next book. The annual college literary festival now makes the once “wonder boy” feel self-pity and anxiety. During a turbulent weekend, he must complete one last attempt to get his life together. In this story, Robert Downey Jr. plays Terry Crabtree – Grady’s eccentric editor. Perhaps it’s not the best comedy ever, but it indeed is an excellent way to lay back and watch some amazing Hollywood actors do their magic.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (7.0/10)

Last but not least, we leave you with the American crime drama A Guide to Recognize Your Saints. Directed by Dito Montiel, this movie has a 7.0 IMDb rating. The script is inspired by Montiel’s personal memoirs by the same name, in which he describes his youth, growing up in the New York neighborhood Astoria during the 1980s. The then-rising-star Shia LaBeouf plays Dito as a teenager – a boy determined to break the cycle of never-ending violence that rules his neighborhood. 

Robert Downey Jr. plays the older version of Montiel – a man who has already found success and returns home after a long absence. Тhe two actors, playing one character, manage to create a realistic portrait of the life in Queens – a place where the patriarchal society feels fear and mistrust towards all forms of change. The story is told in different timelines, a tremendous directorial decision for achieving depth and closure. A Guide to Recognizing Saints is a deeply personal film, made with a lot of heart, making it a rare find nowadays and should be appreciated for its unique voice.

These are our TOP 7 movie picks with the fabulous Robert Downey Jr. He is definitely a gifted actor, who has met a lot of challenges on his way to success, but he has learned to connect with his characters so that each one of them feels true. This may be what makes Downey Jr. such a star and a fan favorite. If you have missed seeing one of our suggestions or simply wish to watch “young” Robert shine on screen, there is no better time than the present. Enjoy!

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