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Top 15 Craziest Things Ozzy Osbourne Ever Did

When the Prince of Darkness really lost his mind.

by The Dope Lists

Ozzy Osbourne is known as one of the biggest troublemakers in the metal world. Here we talk about the craziest moments of his life.

Some rock stars are legendary for their incredible contributions to rock and roll classics. Others become legendary simply because of their shuddering behavior. Ozzy Osbourne? In fairness, it should be noted that he is somewhere in the middle between these two views.

Making a name for himself as one of the true Godfathers of heavy metal, Ozzy’s incidents over the years have also guaranteed him a special place as one of the most famous savages in rock and roll. His antics ranged from mildly harmful to massive atrocities reaching absolute horror (just check out antics number six on this list if you don’t believe us). From throwing TVs out of windows to – yes – “relieving yourself” in the Alamo grounds, we recount the craziest moments of Ozzy Osbourne’s career.

Ozzy Osbourne is an odious figure in the world of show business, even by American standards. Where it is no longer possible to surprise with anything, Ozzy manages to do it. His eccentric public antics and far from puritanical lifestyle provide the musician with fame that rivals his work. So what might we not know about the “great and terrible” Ozzy?

Ozzy and suicide

We all want to know what is after death. Still, we often leave the doubt in suspense, leaving at most some reverie to stimulate our imagination. Well, Ozzy, not happy with that, was always eager to know what was next, and not satisfied, he attempted suicide several times, starting from the age of 14. Fortunately, he failed. But these are some of the Ozzy Osbourne crazy stories.

He tried to strangle his wife

Among the craziest things that Ozzy Osbourne has ever done is the incredible attempt that led Ozzy to try to kill his wife, choking her. It all happened in one of the most challenging moments in Ozzy Osbourne’s life, in September 1989, when Ozzy himself was in the grip of the worst drug abuse in his life. Osbourne, after approaching his wife, swooped in on her and began strangling her. Using a button that automatically called security, the woman managed to escape. Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for attempted murder, although Sharon later let the accusations.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon

He urinated in the police car

Among the craziest things Ozzy Osbourne has ever done in his life is a night of excess in Memphis, Tennessee. Ozzy Osbourne, drunk looking for a place to urinate, chose a white car parked nearby. It happens that it was an unmarked police car, and in fact, Ozzy Osbourne urinated on top of a police car. It is a gesture not only reprehensible and worthy of a moral condemnation against the leader of the Black Sabbath but also a gesture that caused the arrest of the British himself, who was thrown into prison for the rest of the night.

He threw meat at his audience

On the Diary of a Madman Ozzy Osbourne tour, held in the early 1980s, the prince of darkness used a catapult to hurl pieces of meat at his audience. The activity becomes so frequent that the same begins to increase and react with as many meat parts within the performances. Emblematic, in this sense, was the gesture of a child who showed up at the Ozzy Osbourne concert with the head of an ox after having incredibly killed and dismembered the beast. It’s one of the crazy things Ozzy Osbourne has done.

Throwing the TV out of the window

Ah, another one of the crazy Ozzy Osbourne stories! Longing in a Four Seasons hotel room with guitarist Zakk Wylde, a bored Ozzy got the idea of ​​throwing the TV out of the window – perhaps the most common thing on the roster of classic rock and roll. He flung open the window, grabbed the TV box, and threw it away without a second thought. Describing the moment, Ozzy sincerely recalled that “he flew like a bomb” and made a real explosion upon reaching the ground. At that moment, they had very little idea that a man was smoking a cigarette near the hotel. Ozzy was just around the corner from manslaughter. Not only did Ozzy pay for the TV, but he also had to pay for all the damage he caused to the room during his three-month stay, totaling more than £ 40,000.

The drive for the child birth

When Ozzy’s first wife, Thelma, began giving birth to Ozzy’s first child, she insisted that he take her to the hospital since he needed to get there as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Ozzy was too drunk to drive, and on top of that, he didn’t have a driver’s license. Anyway, he got there, and she gave birth to their baby later that day.

Ozzy Osbourne

Photo: Kevin Burkett

Urinating on the Cenotaph

While in Texas, after drinking quite a fair amount of alcohol, Ozzy decided to take one of his drunken walks. This habit had become so routine that Sharon Osborne hid all of his clothes to prevent him from doing so. Unfortunately, this did not stop him. He put on one of Sharon’s dresses, left the house, and felt the need to empty his bladder shortly afterward. Ozzy found the nearest building, behind which he relieved his needs. The only thing that he did not realize was that the construction was the sacred Cenotaph [AD. – a tombstone, a kind of symbolic grave] of the city, located directly next to the Alamo building. The police were not happy and immediately arrested Ozzy, imposing a ban on visits to San Antonio, which lasted until 1992. It remains one of the Ozzy Osbourne craziest stories.

Wild party in the White House

Amid Osbourne’s second wave of popularity in 2002, Ozzy and Sharon were invited to the Venerable Fox News Correspondents’ Dinner at the White House. Ozzy got so drunk that he bounced around his desk and even forced George W. Bush to mumble that “it might have been a mistake.” Several news outlets at the time described the meeting as “incredible.” At dinner, Bush sarcastically remarked, “Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff,” as he spoke, making Barbara Bush one of Black Sabbath’s most influential fans.

Shooting all the cats

One of the craziest acts involving Ozzy Osbourne, which can be categorized as one of the craziest things Osbourne has ever done today, is killing his cats. In this regard, the chronicle offers different interpretations. However, other stories lead us to think that, perhaps under the influence of drugs, Ozzy Osbourne took up his rifle and killed most of the cats inside his housе. Other versions lead to think that the killing took place during the night. Ozzy Osbourne sneaked inside his garage take out his rifle and gave himself to the massacre. At the same time, other stories point out that the massacre took place with the rifle and the knife. In short, reality does not change.

That time he set the chickens on fire

While the killing of a considerable number of cats might seem like an incredibly harmful act for animal rights activists and lovers of these beautiful animals, indeed, no less can be said about the killing of chickens that Ozzy Osbourne and decided to set fire to in one of his moments of anger. Ozzy hated chickens, and above all, he hated to feed them. That is why, at a certain point of his difficult coexistence with these birds, he decided to start shooting at them and set fire to the cage, throwing bullets into the same rifle that began to explode against the poor animals.

Experience of previous work

Ozzy’s previous jobs have included testing car signals, a plumber, and a thief – perhaps his most impressive (or least outstanding) job was at Digbeth Slaughterhouse, where he held on for two years. This was his first job when he was only sixteen years old and where Ozzy really excelled. When he started it, he was responsible for opening the bodies of animals and removing the ‘mess’ [AD. – entrails], but was soon promoted to a cow killer – a much more dangerous position, which he described as “a deadly duel between man and cow.” Later he specialized in removing cow stomachs and killing pigs.

Feeding the Priest with drugs

While the vicar of the Church of England, of which Ozzy is a member, visits the Osbourne’s, his current wife, Thelma, offers him a cake. What they didn’t know was that Ozzy flavored it with Afghan hash. Can you already imagine the rest? Well yeah, the priest was totally nuts, so much so that he passed out. The Osbourne’s brought him home, and legend is that he was in this condition for almost three more days …

Ozzy Osbourne

Photo: Andrew King

Convicted of theft

Ozzy was arrested and convicted of robbery. He stole the TV – which fell on him during his escape from the crime scene and was left behind – some kind of children’s clothes, which he unknowingly mistook for an adult, and several T-shirts.

Biting off the pigeon’s head

The famous Ozzy Osbourne pigeon story! After signing the first record deal of his solo career in 1981, Ozzy planned to release several pigeons, which he wrote would serve as a “symbol of peace.” Unfortunately, due to Ozzy’s intoxication and insanity, which none of the CBS Records executives noticed, it is alleged that he snatched [from the cage] a nearby pigeon, bit off its head, and then spat it out on the ground, blood still dripping from his lips. It makes people notice you. It’s surely one of the craziest things Ozzy Osbourne has done!

Biting off the head of a bat

During a performance in 1982, when some fan threw a bat on the stage, Ozzy, mistaking it for a toy and not content with only decapitating a pigeon, bit it too. He immediately spat it out, realizing it was actually a dead bat. He talks about this in his memoirs, saying that this bat gave him an idea of ​​”the most disgusting taste imaginable.” For the safety of his life, he later had to undergo injectable rabies prophylaxis.

It’s really hard to believe that Ozzy is still alive after all these years of a tough party, arguably the hardest of all time. He has been in rehab at least a couple of times, but no one knows if he quit drugs. However, despite Ozzy’s over-the-top and risk-taking tendencies, he has been married twice, has many children and grandchildren, and has a long list of outstanding rocker awards. But how long will Ozzy Osbourne survive? Perhaps only the “Prince of Darkness” himself could answer this question.

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