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Top 10 Weird Conspiracy Theories

Do you believe in conspiracies?

by Nora Yulieva

Weird conspiracy theories – is there even a person who has never heard of them? Many people believe in conspiracies, and let’s be honest – some of those sound pretty real. However, most of the theories are absolutely absurd, and even funny.

Thanks to the internet, those concepts became hugely popular. And because of misinformation shared online, many people started believing in things like Earth within Earth or Prince Charles being a vampire. Of course – everybody has the right to believe in anything he wants – we live in a free country, and we all build our personal reality on our own. Today we will share the Top 10 weird conspiracy theories in the world and try to keep them as real as possible.

Meghan Markle is not a person – she is a robot

One of the most shocking and weird conspiracy theories in the last few years is about Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. Many people believe that she is not a real person. Where is this coming from? You won’t believe it, but this theory is around the internet after a video was released in 2018 where Prince Harry and his wife are sitting in Britain’s Got Talent’s audience, applauding.

weird conspiracies

Harry & Meghan – real or not?

The video is strange since both are not even blinking, and their faces are motionless. However, this is not proof that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not people but robots. Another theory that went viral after the video was a little more reliable. It said that during the event, android doubles were used because Meghan and Harry couldn’t attend.

But let’s get to the truth – the video was a stunt used to promote the new Live Figures exhibit at the museum of Madame Tussauds in London. This was revealed on the museum’s official website after the conspiracy theory started going around the internet. However, many still believe that the royal family is not built of real people, and Meghan is most likely a robot. Be careful. You never know if the person standing next to you is real!

No human has ever set foot on the Moon

One of the most popular conspiracy theories of the century is about Neil Armstrong’s adventure. Many people believe that no human has ever set foot on the Moon, not only in 1969 but at all. The followers of this theory think that all the landings on the planet were staged by NASA.

Even though there is some excellent evidence, such as moon rocks and manmade objects placed on the Moon, many think this has never happened. Furthermore, some people also believe that the Moon does not exist at all – it is a projection. But why would NASA lie about a whole planet? Maybe to give us some light in the dark nights?

5G will cause COVID-19

One of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories during the COVID-19 outbreak is that the 5G mobile technology is directly connected to the virus. Even though scientists and professors in microbiology stated that those rumors are biologically impossible and absolute bullshit, many people believe in this theory.

In their opinion, the 5G lowers our immune system, making it easier for the virus to get into our body. In addition, many people believe that the virus can not be activated without the impulses of 5G. We never get tired of absurd Covid conspiracy theories.

Prince Charles is a vampire

One spooky conspiracy – many believe Prince Charles was not a person but a vampire. We do not talk about a shining of sunlight, a sexy and powerful one, but about the descent of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula.

Furthermore, the disease Porphyria is often present among the royal family members. This condition makes people sensitive to sunlight because of a deficiency of iron in the body. Many conspiracy theorists needed this as a ground to believe that the royal family is not built of people but of robots, reptiles, and even vampires – what a funny house!

Frozen is a distraction created by Disney

Another conspiracy theory that sounds funny to us is about Walt Disney being frozen. Many people believe he used cryogenics technologies to freeze himself because he didn’t want to die. His family completely refutes those crazy claims, but many conspiracy theorists still believe in that.

weird conspiracy theories

Maybe your kid’s favorite movie is not what you think?

Furthermore, they consider the movie Frozen as a distraction, a way to hack the algorithm of Google and distract the attention of the people from all the information about the condition of Walt Disney. Surely, that’s one of the best conspiracy theories about Disney.

We are living in the Matrix

Have you ever watched the famous movie the Matrix? If not, well, you better do that because many believe it shows the reality we live in. In other words – this conspiracy theory states that we are all living in a simulation that is not our real life.

weird conspiracy theories

The Matrix – just a movie or our reality?

But what supports this theory? All the glitches in the Matrix are the coincidences that occur in our daily life, such as losing track of time and déjà vu. This conspiracy started after the release of the movie, and it has more supporters than we can imagine. We wonder… are there people who believe that we live in Narnia, for example?

Bill Gates controlling the weather

After some strange weather conditions in the USA that happened last year, many people started to believe it was Bill Gates’s doing. This built the conspiracy theory about the machine which can control the weather.

Bill Gates

Dear Bill, do you control our weather?

The conspiracy theorists still believe that Bill Gates is creating snow, scorching temperatures, and a lot of rain. Well, we will share with you a spoiler alert – he is most likely not doing that. The funny thing is you can see Gates’ name in many vaccine conspiracies, too.

Lizard People run the world

You have probably heard of this conspiracy theory – more than 12 million people believe creatures like lizards are running the world. They are also called reptilians, and they can easily change their appearance from having the skin of a lizard to looking like a beautiful person.


Are these lizard creatures ruling our world?

According to many conspiracy theorists, those reptilians are running the world and ruining it. Queen Elizabeth II, the Clintons, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many other famous people are considered to be part of this secret society. But how can you recognize them? You must look in their eyes and come close to their skin – you will most likely see the difference if you believe enough. How can you not love crazy conspiracy theories?

Redheads are coming from Aliens

One of our favorite weird conspiracy theories is about the redheads and the fact that many people believe they are descended from aliens. Gingers are different than most of us – they have red hair color, and most do not have the same tolerance to pain.

weird conspiracy theories

Hey, redhead girl – are you an alien?

And those facts, proven by science, seem enough for some people to connect them with another civilization – the aliens. Do you have redhead friends? If you do – good luck. You may be communicating with an alien!

Hollow Earth

The last conspiracy theory we want to share today is about the Hollow Earth. Many people believe the Earth is hollow, but this is not all. Those people think a whole new civilization is living inside our planet. Where is this theory coming from? In the 17th century, Edmond Halley said that the Earth was hollow because of the changing magnetism.

Hollow Earth

The hollow Earth – yes or no?

Nowadays, even though thousands of scientific sources exist, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that we are living on hallow Earth, and another civilization is being our neighbor.

Today we shared the Top 10 of the most weird conspiracy theories. As we already mentioned, everybody can believe in anything, so don’t be offended – it is just our opinion. Do you believe in conspiracy theories, and which is your favorite one?

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