Top 10 Vegan Alternatives to Heavy Cream

How do vegan people replace the heavy cream?

by Nora Yulieva

Going vegan may be one of the best decisions in your life! Why? Well, it is not only good for your health but also is one cruelty-free decision. Some people believe that going vegan means forgetting about most of your favorite foods, such as heavy cream. We all love heavy cream, and it is essential for most of the best meals.

Don’t worry! There are actually a lot of vegan alternatives to heavy cream, which can be easily found in the shop or cooked at home! Today we have prepared a list of the top 10 those that will definitely make your vegan life tastier and much more accessible!

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Nut milk

nut milk

You can make any nut milk into a vegan heavy cream. You should choose a version with a lot of fat content, and then you can add some vegan butter or silken tofu, add some syrup, sugar, or vanilla extract and blend it all. You will have one great healthy and vegan substitute that can be used for almost any recipe you have on your mind.
Of course, if you don’t want the sweet taste, you should not add any sugars; just blend the milk with the tofu or the butter.

Coconut milk

coconut milk

You can easily make a cup of vegan heavy cream by using one cup of full-fat coconut milk. All you need to do is to whip it like a typical heavy cream. Furthermore, this substitute has a very similar taste to the real one and is perfect for soups and savory recipes. However, the coconut taste may still be there – keep that in mind! It is easy, simple, and delicious.

Store-bought vegan heavy cream

vegan alternatives

One of the best and easiest alternatives to heavy cream is the vegan one, which can be bought at the store. Since more and more people are going vegan, there are many vegan options at the stores. So, if you don’t feel like spending time making your own cream, you can just go shopping and choose a brand that offers the vegan option.
Those products can be used as a substitute for coffee creamer or in any cooking recipe. They taste similar to non-vegan cream, but you should be careful because many products also include vanilla or caramel extract.

Tofu and Soy Milk


You can make yourself vegan heavy cream by using tofu and soy milk. You need a cup of silken tofu and a dairy-free milk. This is one perfect substitute since it is high in protein and low in fat. This alternative is similar in texture, which makes it very good for blending and using in recipes where the cream is needed for a sauce.

Cashew cream

vegan alternatives

To make heavy cream with cashews, you will need a cup of soaked cashews and ¼ cup of water. You can also add a little bit of salt. This cream is perfect for sauces, and if you do not add any species, then it will have a very similar taste to the natural heavy cream.

However, you should carefully make the cream by first soaking the cashews for two hours, then blending them with water. You can add as much water as you want until the cream gets the consistency you desire.

Vegan yogurt

vegan yogurt

The vegan yogurt is one of the finest vegan alternatives to heavy cream we love the most. All you need to do is to combine it with plant-based milk to thicken it, and then you are ready – you have a whipped cream that can be used for giving a creamy taste to your coffee or for cooking your favorite recipe.

However, keep in mind that the combination between the yogurt and milk may have a specific taste. This means that It may not be the best for whipping or cooking some particular fish. However, if you are baking goods – this is your best choice!



The cornstarch is a powder that can make an excellent vegan substitute for heavy cream when combined with a plant-based milk. It is lower in fat, it is healthy, and most importantly – it is delicious! You need 1 cup of plant-based milk and two spoons of cornstarch. Then you should mix and cook on medium heat for some time while stirring all the time. Once it is thickened – you are ready.

This alternative is perfect for making cream sauces, casseroles, and other things that do not need a fluffy and light cream. But what makes this substitute so good is the fact that you can put it away and use it again later because the ingredients will not separate. Read here about the benefits of cornstarch.

White bean butter

white bean

You can easily make vegan cream by using white bean butter. All you need is a cup of blanched beans and some water for thinning them. The beans have a mild taste, which makes them one of the best ways to make vegan heavy cream. You need to blend them with water. The amount depends on the consistency you want.
Once you have vegan heavy cream, you can use it in a lot of recipes. The taste is not harsh, so you can use it for making savory dishes and soups.

Oil and dairy-free milk

vegan milk

This substitute is not low on fats but is very similar to the non-vegan heavy cream. You need to mix a cup of vegan milk with 1/3 cup of light olive oil. The finalized cream will not be whipped like heavy cream, but its taste is excellent and can be easily used for many recipes. It’s one of the best vegan alternatives.

Brown rice and low-fat milk

brown rice

One of the strangest recipes for a substitute for vegan cream includes brown rice and low-fat milk, but it is super tasty! You need uncooked brown rice and two cups of chicken stock – mix them together and boil for 25 minutes. Then let it stand for 5 mins, and blend it with a cup of low-fat milk.

This substitute is healthy, low on calories and fats, and perfect for savory recipes and soups. It also has one more advantage – it will not be curdling if added to hot dishes.

Most the people think that being vegan means forgetting about most of your favorite dishes. However, in the 21st century, this is no longer like that. There are a lot of substitutes and vegan alternatives for almost every food, which will help you live a vegan lifestyle without having to leave your favorite dessert or dinner away.

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