vegan alternatives to chicken

Top 10 Vegan Alternatives to Chicken

You're a vegan, but you love chicken? Here's what you can do.

by Nora Yulieva

You have decided to become vegan but can’t let go of chicken? Or do you just want to make your menu more plant-based? And still have some excellent vegan alternatives to chicken?

Firstly, this is one fantastic idea for a lifestyle change! Being vegan or eating less meat has a lot of benefits for the body and the mind. However, meat dishes are and have always been super tasty. But don’t worry! Nowadays, there are different substitutes for meat, and today we will tell you about the Top 10 vegan alternatives to chicken.

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Tofu is the most popular and the most loved vegan alternative to chicken. It is made of condensed soy milk, and it is super tasty! Most people eat tofu as a substitute for meat in any dish. The process of making tofu is kind of similar to the process of making cheese.

It is chewy and absorbs the flavor, so it is one of the best replacements for chicken in almost any dish. Furthermore, seasoned properly, it looks the same as chicken, so it definitely can create the feeling of eating a slice of real meat. One tip – marinate and season the tofu for a better taste.

Soy curls

vegan alternatives to chicken

Soy curls are one of the best vegan alternatives to chicken. They are a product made of dehydrated soy, but they are different than tofu because of the fact that they are minimally processed. They do not contain preservatives and additives, which makes them one very healthy alternative.

The soy curls are perfect for recipes that are usually done with chicken strips and trim pieces. They can absorb the flavor, which makes them ideal for dishes with sauce, fries, and curries. Furthermore, they are very easy to cook.



Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are small legumes colored in beige legumes that have a flavor similar to butter. They are one very healthy dish since they are rich in protein and nutrients, so they will indeed have benefits for your body.

Chickpeas are the perfect alternative for dinners that would usually include a small amount of chicken, such as a sushi bowl, Greek chickpea salad, noodle soup with chickpea, and others.


vegan alternatives to chicken

Тhe tempeh is another soybean product often used as a substitute for chicken. Its texture is similar to tofu’s, but the tempeh contains more proteins, vitamins, and fibers. It can be easily cooked into a lot of tasty dishes.

Keep in mind that the tempeh is flavor absorbable. That’s why you should always marinate it. It is excellent for cooking smoky tempeh, vegan meatballs with tempeh, and even noodles with tempeh. And it’s excellent vegan alternatives to chicken. You can use it for vegan snacks as well.


vegan alternatives to chicken

You may say – what does fruit have in common with chicken? Well, the answer is – the texture. The jackfruit is a large green fruit that grows in the tropics and does not have an intrusive flavor. Many vegans use it as an alternative to chicken because it has the same structure, is flavor-absorbent, and is very tasty if cooked properly.

If you want to use jackfruit, it’s best to use it in a recipe usually done with chicken pieces. We advise you to combine it with sauce or a more robust flavor to minimize its fruity smell and taste. It’s a fruit so you can use it in vegan desserts, too.



Cauliflower has become popular recently since many vegans use it as an alternative to chicken. It is easy to be cooked, and it is a very healthy option. Furthermore, it is flavor absorbable, so you can easily make it taste just like chicken.
Many people love cauliflower because of its fantastic texture – it literally can melt in your mouth. At the same time, its outside can be super crispy. You can make great baking and battering recipes, and you can also season and cook it like a steak.



The seitan, also known as wheat meat, is a popular vegan alternative to chicken made of wheat gluten. It is different from the other products we shared today because it is soy-free. However, it is high in vitamins and protein, making it satisfying for the organism and healthy.

Its texture is stringy, which makes it look like a real chicken. You can use it to make soup, stew, or curry and make it fried. It will taste amazing and it’s great vegan alternatives to chicken! Put it in your vegan burger and you’re ready to roll.

Plant-based chicken products

vegan alternatives to chicken

One of the most popular alternatives to chicken is plant-based chicken products. Those are specifically designed food products to initiate the meat’s taste and texture. You can basically make any recipe that is cooked with chicken by using plant-based products.

Even though they are not bad for health, they do not contain as much protein as animal-based meals. You can find them in the shops, but you can also find tasty products such as Buffalo Vegan Wings, Vegan Chicken Nuggets, Buffalo Vegan Chick Patties, and much more.



Okay, hummus may have nothing in common with chicken regarding taste and look. However, 100 grams of hummus have the same amount of protein as three spoons of chicken. This makes hummus an excellent option for vegan people.

There are thousands of recipes with hummus, so you can basically make almost anything with it. It is an excellent food for people that are used to eating meat and now are going into a meat-free diet. It’s also amazing for some good vegan breakfast.

Beans and Sprouts

vegan alternatives to chicken

Beans and sprouts are nothing like chicken when it comes to the way they look and the way they taste. However, when it comes to their composition – they are pretty similar to chickens. Both sprouts and beans are very rich in protein and vitamins, and they can fill up your empty stomach very fast.

Thanks to their great structure, they are the best alternative to diced chicken. Many vegans use them in soups, where they used to put chicken. It actually is very, very tasty!

If you have decided to swap meat for a vegan meal, this is one great idea! However, you need to find a way to obtain enough proteins, primarily if your body is used to eating meat. Developing a proper vegan diet is an excellent way of saving animals and eating healthy.

What can you do if you feel lazy and don’t want to cook? Just ask Siri, “vegan restaurants near me,” and save some time. Bon Apetit!

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