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Top 10 Tekken 7 Characters

Who are the best Tekken 7 characters to play with?

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The best Tekken 7 characters – who are they? Let’s discuss.

When we talk about fighting games, Tekken is arguably one of the biggest names in the business. Created by the Japanese studio Bandai Namco, today Tekken is loved by millions of players worldwide. Alongside Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, it’s the game that defines the whole genre.

Many players wonder who are the best Tekken 7 characters. Released in 2015, the franchise’s last installment didn’t disappoint us. The game is well-received by critics and loved by the fans. And while we expect the announcement of Tekken 8, let us give you our version of the Tekken 7 tier list. 



Akuma is one of the most dominant characters in Tekken 7, but it’s actually not a Tekken character. He’s a guest character from another popular fighting game – Street Fighter, and his inclusion in Tekken was a pleasant surprise to the fans.

Not much is known about Akuma’s history or origins. We know that he’s a very powerful fighter who uses the dark energy called Satsui no Hado. What makes him so dangerous is his ability to use the Ansatsuken – the art of assassination. As a person, Akuma is brutal and angry at the same time. He loves significant challenges and fighting the best opponents possible.

In terms of fighting style, Akuma can use the Gohadoken – spirit energy as a ranged attack. One of his deadliest moves is the Tenma Kujinkyaku – a deadly diving kick that hurts his enemies. Akuma is considered one of the Top 10 strongest Tekken characters.


Tekken 7 characters

Coming from Thailand, Fahkumram is a master of Muay Thai – one of the most dangerous martial arts on Earth. Scaring his opponents with his massive physique and formidable tattoos, Fahkumram is someone you wouldn’t want to face in the arena.

While he was just 18-years old, Fahkumram became Thailand’s Muay Thai champion and a national hero. At 24-years, he was captured by the military after refusing to participate in a match-fixing. When the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation began, he participated in The King of Iron Fist Tournament and won it. He’s the exciting Tekken 7 Muay Thai character. Just check the Fahkumram move list and you’d see how many things you can do with him.

As a Muay Thai fighter, Fahkumram is someone who uses his knees and elbows to hurt his opponents. If you like your Tekken 7 characters to rely on their kicks, Fahkumram is one of the fighters you should consider. 

Devil Jin

Devil Jin

Among the Tekken 7 ranks, we simply can’t miss mentioning Devil Jin. Knows as the devil form of Jin Kazama, he’s consumed by the Devil Gene and thus becomes a Satanic being with no remorse whatsoever. And he’s also one of the Tekken 7 most popular characters.

Like any other being under the control of evil forces, Devil Jin has one primary goal – to have as much power as possible. Sometimes he’s even sadistic as you could hear him laughing while his enemies suffer in pain. Only his mother, Jun Kazama, and relative Asuka Kazama can bring him back to his human senses.

As a fighter, Devil Jin is rounded as he can pressure his opponents and do some heavy damage to them. One of his special moves is his laser attacks, while he also can fly thanks to his demonic wings. 

Julia Chang

Tekken 7 characters

She might look like a harmless streamer, but make no mistake here – Julia Chang is a young woman who knows how to hold her ground. It’s based on the fact that she’s Michelle Chang’s adopted daughter – the person who taught her how to fight. If you know Tekken’s previous games, you will notice that Julia moves just like her mother, Michelle.

What makes Julia Chang move so high in the Tekken 7 roster? One of her most significant assets while fighting is her speed. She can combine her actions quickly, which leads to considerable unpredictability in her combos. One of her most impressive skills is the windmill kick which can cause severe damage.

While Julia Chang is a great character to master, be warned that she’s a bit complex. Practice as much as possible and look for tips at some good Tekken 7 forum on the web. 

Geese Howard

Geese Howard

Like Akuma, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury is another famous guest fighter we had the chance to see in Tekken 7 character list. Living a luxurious life as a crime boss, Geese is an immensely skilled contender as well. 

Presented to the public in the Tekken 7 DLC, Geese Howard quickly became one of the most preferred characters in the game. He is ruthless and ready to remove anyone who challenges his superiority. He is prepared for anything to achieve power and money.

Geese Howard is the only character in Tekken 7 who has two Rage Arts movements – Rashoumon and Deadly Rave. He’s also the only one able to grab a grounded opponent. Japanese martial arts heavily influence him. One of his biggest inspirations is Aikijujutsu – a defensive style that allows him to be confident in his ability to survive any fight. 


Tekken 7 characters

Introduced in Tekken 6, Zafina made her return in the next installment of the legendary fighting game. Born in the mystic Middle East, she’s someone who believes in the power of the spiritual world. She’s the one who sealed Azazel in her body but also felt that his power started to increase. 

Zafina is one of the deadliest Tekken 7 characters because she is unorthodox. She doesn’t possess sheer power like some other fighters, but she’s tricky and challenging because of her brilliant technique. Her left hand also transformed into Azazel’s claws which gave her another weapon to use in the fight.

Zafina is a master of the “Ancient Assassinations Arts” – a fighting style whose origins are still unknown today. You’d notice that her “Scarecrow” stance is atypical, while the game director Katsuhiro Harada likened her movements to the one of a spider. Is she the best Tekken 7 character to use?

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama

Tekken fans worldwide know well Jin Kazama – he’s one of the main protagonists in the franchise’s history. It was not a surprise to see him in the Tekken 7 roster as well – it’s hard to imagine the game without him.

Jin’s main goal was always to eradicate the Mishima bloodline and thus save the world from their evil. 

In Tekken 7, Jin uses primary the moveset he already had in the previous game, but with some modifications. One of the new things about the character is the introduction of the Zenshin stance, while he also has one of the unique parry techniques in the game.

Although in Tekken 7, Jin’s damage is not as significant as some other characters, he’s very effective when you learn how to make his combos. Once you master it, you’d see how his potential as a fighter increases.

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima

The father of Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima has an exciting story in the Tekken franchise. Son of Heihachi and Kazumi, his inner strength was awakened when his own father threw him in a deep ravine to test him. Being the main hero of the first game, later, he became one of the primary antagonists.

Dressed in a stylish trenchcoat and a suit, Kazuya Mishima can be easily recognized as his left eye glows red. As a person, Kazuya is hungry for power and control. He’s not someone who likes to be seen as he prefers to establish control from the shadows.

He’s a formidable fighter who will test your skills at any moment. The experienced Tekken players will tell you how simple it is to play with him. He uses a lot of single strikes yet is powerful enough to break his opponents. He’s especially dangerous with his punishing moves, while it’s for the best to use him as a defensive character. Kazuya is one of the Top 10 Tekken 7 characters.

Craig Marduk

Tekken 7 characters

A follower of the combat sport Vale Turdo, Craig Marduk is a terrifying brute you wouldn’t want to meet in person. Don’t try to test him if you’re not sure you can break him. One of his hobbies is hurting people, and he’s pretty good at it. He’s among the best Tekken 7 defensive characters.

Some might say that Marduk is not stable mentally as he could be seen screaming or acting like an animal before fights. This makes him even more intimidating to his opponents, who are unsure of what to expect in the arena. 

Craig Marduk is a massive brute with a lot of power, but this also leads to his main disadvantage – he’s very slow because of his size. You have to learn how to use him properly if you intend to make him one of your preferred Tekken 7 characters. The damage is extensive, and you can even grab opponents while in the air. Pay attention to his supreme mount attack. That is one of his best moves. Invest some time to learn the Tekken 7 Marduk move list, and you’ll be unbeatable!

A bonus point: he probably has one of the best Tekken characters names. Do you agree?

Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith

A master of the legendary Chinese martial art Wing Chun, Leroy Smith is one of the new faces in Tekken 7. You can see him walking around with his lovely dog Sugar, but don’t underestimate him – he’s one of the most skilled fighters in the game.

Leroy Smith saw how his family was killed and taken away from him as a child. What happened inspired him to dedicate his life to Wing Chun and bring some justice to the world. When he learned that Mishima Zaibatsu was responsible for his tragedy, it became his mission to destroy them.

In terms of fighting style, Leroy Smith is a true believer in the power of Wing Chun. This Chinese martial art is based on the idea to counter-attack your opponents and create windows for punishing strikes. Leroy can also use his dog Sugar or his cane to hurt his opponent. Just take your time to learn the Leroy Tekken 7 combos, and you’re good to go!

So, who are the strongest Tekken 7 characters? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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