Top 10 of the Weirdest Lawsuit Claims

by The Dope Lists

The weirdest lawsuit claims – who thought these are even possible?

In the history of the judiciary, you can sometimes come across puzzling facts and claims. The law should be in defense of the rule of law, but what does practice show? Some cases are worthy of writing a comedy script – for example, a kidnapper to sue the kidnapped. How does that sound to you? But as long as there are strange laws in the world, there will be ridiculous cases of lawsuit claims. We at the Dope Lists are going to take look at them right now.

A man who wanted to change his age legally

The year is 2018, and the plaintiff has lost the case at the end of the day. You’ve heard of cases where someone wants to change their name and even last name, but what about age? This happened to a 69-year-old Dutchman who tried to change his age through the law – apparently deceiving himself and the world. He claimed that he felt discriminated against only because his actual age affects his job prospects, but more delicately, his chances of success on a dating site have been reduced because of his age. Should you blame him?

Empty space in Junior Mints boxes

In 2018, there was a dismissed lawsuit filed by two who complained that Tootsie Roll Industries Inc was misleading people because it did not fill in the boxes for young mints. According to the applicants, more than a third of the mint box was empty. The judge who rejected the insane case took the trouble to describe his refusal in 44 pages.


The kidnapper is prosecuting hostages for escaping

This is called optimism! Relying on the law to protect your right to be a kidnapper. Of course, the case was dismissed. A fugitive accused of murder kidnapped a couple from Kansas in September 2009. At one point, however, he fell asleep, and the hostages escaped. The kidnapper complained that he and the couple in question had a binding verbal agreement to play roles to hide him from the police.

Dissatisfied, the husband sues his wife for giving birth to an “ugly” baby

In 2012, it so happened that this weirdest lawsuit claim led to, notice, a successful case! A father who saw his newborn decided that she was “incredibly ugly” and did not look like either parent. He accused his wife of adultery. Why did the plaintiff still win this case? Because the wife admitted that she had several plastic surgeries before they met.


To sue Michael Jordan for daring to… look just like you!

In 2006, someone decided he was the basketball legend Michael Jordan. Alan Ray Hackard of Portland is the name of the guy. He claims to have been confused about Jordan every day for the past 15 years. This caused him great suffering, but in any case, the case ended as closed due to the withdrawal of the accusation by the prosecutor. Well, it looks like he finally realized his stupidity.

The sleeping student sues a teacher for waking him up

It happened in 2008 when a student’s parents claimed by law that their son had lost his hearing after one of his teachers slapped his hand on his desk to wake him up during a math class. The family went a long way – it sued not only the school but also the school board and even the city. But apparently, the case did not have the required publicity, and they dismissed it. These lawsuit claims are really absurd.


A mother is declared a criminal, just because she confiscated her son’s phone

In the lawsuit’s weirdest claims, this one maybe will not shock you that much, as the world is under smartphone’s authority. In 2017, a 15-year-old boy in Spain sued his mother, claiming he had been abused. The abuse took the form of her taking his mobile phone to try to get him to study. The boy has asked for imprisonment for his own mother and legal reimbursement of court costs. A judge ruled in favor of the mother, saying she had every right to act responsibly to get her son to focus on lessons, not to be distracted by the phone.

A woman is suing for false weather forecasting

In 1996, an Israeli woman sued a well-known television weather forecaster for a false weather forecast. The unfortunate man dared to predict sunny weather, but it was raining instead. Trusting the prognosis, the plaintiff left her home unprepared for the bad weather. As a result, she fell ill and lost her job. Damn, that sucks!


Customers claim that Red Bull did not charge them with the energy they needed

The year is 2016, and the result of this case – out-of-court settled. You all know that “Red Bull gives you wings.” However, this slogan played a bad joke on them. A lawsuit with a subsequent appeal accuses the company of misleading the advertisement and even lying. Plaintiff customers stated that the energy drink did not give people wings. It did not even provide them with energy. In the end, Red Bull found it wiser to simply settle the case out of court and agreed to pay $640,000 to under-energized customers.

Scared woman from a poster

In 2015, a New York woman filed a lawsuit for falling on the stairs of Grand Central Subway Station, injuring her leg and ankle, just because a moment before she saw a huge, “scary” poster about the popular TV series Showtime “Dexter.” The poster depicted the protagonist’s face under a plastic shell with open eyes. According to Yucca, this is “a disturbing, provocative, shocking and frightening picture.” The case is dismissed.

Everyone has their own definition of law, and why not use it if the law allows it? Obviously, some people do not feel any shame or are just bold enough in trying to take advantage of some absurd situation leading to lawsuit claims. Let’s see what the human imagination will bring us in the future when it comes to putting allegations to the court.

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