Top 10 of the Most Absurd Insurance Claims

by The Dope Lists

Insurance is undoubtedly something serious. In insurance practice, there are different cases, more frightening than each other, but you have hardly ever thought about the next, to put it mildly, mind-perplexing insurance claims. Given that insurance covers health and property, some people, including celebrities, have more bizarre views on what is valuable and, therefore, subject to compulsory insurance.

The most common strange claims are on behalf of celebrities. Many will say: why not, they have lots of money, so they do whatever they want to with them. And while some claims may be called grounded, others are definitely outrageous. What cannot be found in the history of the insurance business? Let’s have a look over Top 10 of the most absurd insurance claims registered ever. We at the Dope Lists really had some laugh with those.

Non-terrestrial and spiritual insurances

As incredible as it may sound to sober-minded people, some people seek to get cover from possible events, even if they are unlikely to happen. What’s more interesting is that insurance companies still take that seriously and create this kind of insurance policy.

Immaculate conception

Yes, you have read it right. It turned out that there is such a miracle – insurance covering an event of an immaculate conception. In England, an insurance company offers such coverage if a virgin woman gives birth. According to Forbes, they stopped this campaign due to numerous complaints from the church and the general public. Interestingly, more than 100 women who requested such insurance were named Mary.

 Abduction by aliens


Cases of alien abductions have been on the rise, not since yesterday and today. It’s just that some people have come up with the idea of insuring against such an event. Why not? What if someone who has returned from such an experience claims his money based on the insurance policy filled in?

The policy was first proposed by an agency in Florida, USA, and has insured at least two claims. Famous policyholders included actress Shirley McLain and a former professor at Harvard University. It seems that this has gained popularity, as many people have bought it insurance. To receive compensation from Lloyd’s, policyholders must pass a lie detector test and provide videos or third-party witnesses.

The Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

A whiskey company in Scotland has taken the existence of this famous monster seriously by offering a reward of $ 1.5 million for capturing it. In this regard, they then pulled out a policy covering the insurance of the person who found it.

Insurance against supposedly harmless natural objects

Being insured against elements such as floods, earthquakes, fires, and others like the stated ones is normal, even highly recommended. But what about some not-so-huge items that you would hardly have guessed could be subject to an insurance claim? It looks like they also can be harmful, at least – in some cases. 

Falling coconut


Of course, it’s an awful feeling when anything falls onto your head. But it seems that the coconut is in a place of honor. In 1984, a doctor published a report entitled “Injury due to a falling coconut.” This has led a British travel company to include such insurance, which is legally accepted.

Insurance of body parts of or state of mind

Maybe you will say it is narcissism, and you will probably be right. On the other hand, the insurance of a body part, with which – for some reason – the famous people have become so, or they need that particular body part a little more for their performances, cannot be called a whim.

Chest hair

chest hair

It looks like you need to be at least Tom Jones to get your chest hair insurance for a few million dollars. Let’s not argue with the great singer how valuable this part of his physical body is. Is it true that the star has insured his chest hair for 3.5 million British pounds? According to confirmed data, in the beginning, Lloyds from London was skeptical about the lawsuit but finally agreed. However, Tom Jones himself has always denied that he tried to ensure his hairy chest and even made a statement about it on his own website.

Insurance of legs or butts


Keeping on the topic about insurance of body parts, we need to mention that many celebrities have insured their legs. Examples are Michael Flatley, also known as the Lord of the Dance, the famous model Heidi Klum, and others. And what about Jennifer Lopez’s renowned butt? They insured it for $ 27 million.

Taste receptors

The year was 1957 when Hungarian food critic Egon Ronai had insured his taste buds for a total of 400,000 dollars. There is some logic in that, given that he was one of the world’s most famous food critics. Something like a wine sommelier, but for food. In other words, the taste sensitivity of his tongue was what he actually made his living from.

To ensure teeth


It may sound eccentric, but true. The British comedian Ken Dodd has insured his teeth for a staggering $ 7.4 million. He has been convinced that his priceless teeth were an essential part of his performance, so the insurance company agreed.

Middle finger

It’s not what you think. The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards insured his middle finger for $ 1.5 million just because he used that finger to create unique sounds with his guitar. It’s like taking care of your tool – literally.

Lost sense of humor


American comedian Rich Hall probably won the prize for the most difficult-to-prove insurance case. He has insured himself for $ 1 million in case he loses his sense of humor permanently. That’s what it’s called to take yourself seriously…

Maybe this compilation is not enough, and somewhere someone has invented even stranger claims for insurance. As the saying goes: life is more prosperous than our imagination! It is not known what else we will read in the future to update the current ranking.

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