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Top 10 of the Coolest Video Games of the ’80s and ’90s Relevant Today

These awesome games from the '80s and the '90s are still relevant among gamers.

by Iva Rizova

In the ’80s and ’90s, video games were almost a miracle. Today we look at them as one of the opportunities we have. But from time to time, we feel a slight nostalgia for the past. Influenced by it, we return to some long-forgotten game. We at The Dope Lists gave free rein to nostalgia and made a list of the top 10 best video games that are relevant today. Accompany us on this unique journey through time and have fun.



The first game appeared in the ’80s and was quickly followed by sequels. The initial editions were based on the comics and the later ones on the film. Batman has a total of 8 versions (something for everyone). The games are developed in computer, mobile, and console versions. They enjoyed great commercial success, as well as the approval of critics.


video games

Like Batman, Spider-Man made his debut in the 1980s, even a few years before his opponent. Since then, many different game versions of the popular Marvel superhero have been released. To date, Spider-Man has appeared on more than 15 gaming platforms, including on mobile phones.

Street Fighter

street fighter

It appeared in 1987 and was followed by five different series, numerous spinoffs, and crossovers. This is one of the most profitable video games of all time, with total sales of over 46 million. The version that sold the most copies is the one from 1991 – Street Fighter II.

Super Mario

Super Mario

There is hardly a person who has not played Super Mario at least once, even if they are not gamers. This game is so popular that it has become a byword for video games. Whoever you ask for an example of a video game, the most likely answer is Super Mario. It made its debut in 1985 and is still gaining fans or returning its first ones to childhood.



The gaming series first appeared in 1996. It became the fourth best-selling game, with over 300 million sales. Unlike most games, where the comic or movie version is the inspiration, this rule does not apply here. The animated TV series inspired by the game is still the most successful video game adaptation to date.

Turtle Ninjas

video games

The beginning is set in the late ’80s. The first versions were based mainly on the 1987 television series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the movies and the comic books Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures. The last release is from this year (2021), and the next is expected to appear in 2022.



The ’80s seem to have given rise to many video games and a significant boost in the industry. Contra is no exception and also marks its beginning in the 80s. The game’s action takes place in the distant future and tells the story of two commandos sent to destroy enemy forces and thwart the conspiracy to destroy humanity.

Star Wars

video games

1983 was the year the first game was released. Since then, there have been so many parts and versions adapted for different platforms that probably no one can say exactly how many Star Wars games there are. Some of them are based entirely on movies, while others are more imaginative.



Tetris is like Super Mario – no one has not played it or at least not heard of it. The rules are simple, but to be good, you need to think and anticipate moves. The debut was in 1984. Since then, many versions have appeared on the market, and many people still spend their time playing Tetris.

Olympic Games

video games

The International Olympic Committee officially licenses the video game series. This happened in 1983. In some cases, the emergence of a new game is synchronized with the actual Olympic Games. It is believed that one of the best versions is the latest released – Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

If you have succumbed to nostalgia, do not waste time and go back to your childhood or try one of the latest versions of the games.

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