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Top 10 Most Played Dota 2 Heroes

Who are the most preferred heroes in legendary MOBA Dota 2?

by Ivailo Ivanov

Dota 2 heroes – the most played ones. Here we go!

Everybody knows that Dota 2 is the game of millions and millions of users. There are more than 10 million players from all around the world.

Many of them play Dota 2 as one of their favorite video games. But every player has his own way of playing the game, which is why they develop a particular preference for heroes. Heroes are characters they can select while playing.

So which heroes are the most wanted in this game? Which heroes are played mostly by everyone? And which heroes are never or sometimes not selected by players?

1. Pudge


At the top of the Dota 2 heroes list is Pudge, with more than 900 million times picked of all times. This makes him the most chosen hero in Dota 2. His KDA ratio is 2.39, which is an average result, but the win rate of 51% is reasonably good.

Let’s stop with the statistics and talk a bit about the character. Pudge is one of the heroes from the start of the game, Dota 1. Although the game had a lot of changes and updates, this hero is one of the few who hasn’t changed a lot.

However, it’s not easy to play, so if you are a beginner, this isn’t the perfect choice.

As every hero in this MOBA, Pudge has 3 primary skills and an ultimate skill:

1st one is “MEAT HOOK.” This ability allows Pudge to throw a hook at his target at 1300 range, and if it hits a target, it damages it and pulls it towards Pudge.

2nd skill he has is called “ROT.” At radius of 250, it slows and damages enemies around Pudge. However, this skill also hurts Pudge, so be careful not to kill yourself (although you might need to do it sometimes, not to give the enemies the kill)

3rd ability Pudge has is “FLESH HEAP,” which passively increases Pudge’s strength every time an enemy hero dies around him. When activated, it blocks a bit of damage.

The last skill and his ultimate is called “DISMEMBER.” It allows Pudge to start chowing down an enemy unit, damaging it, and healing Pudge simultaneously. However, this skill is channeled, so be careful not to be interrupted.

If you have good coordination in the game, prefer melee heroes, and like the role of initiator of the fights, then this is your hero!

2. Phantom Assassin

Dota 2 heroes

The silver medal goes to Phantom Assassin, an agility-based hero picked close to 640 million times. With KDA 2.69 and a win rate of 50%, which are fairly good results, it also is one of the great Dota 2 heroes for beginners. Not so complicated and easy to play.

Now let’s check what abilities she has:

1st skill is called “STIFLING DAGGER.” With it, the PA throws a dagger at enemies, which slows them for a few seconds and deals some damage, which allows her to close the distance and use her second skill:

“PHANTOM STRIKE,” which teleports the Phantom Assasin to a unit (friendly or enemy) and grants a bonus attack speed when attacking an enemy. This is one of the core abilities of the PA. It can be used offensively and for escape when things get too dangerous.

The 3rd skill of this hero is called “BLUR.” As the name suggests, it grants character evasion. When activated, she vanishes from sight unless it’s too close to an enemy.

The ultimate ability of the Phantom Assasin is “COUP DE GRACE,” which is a passive ability and grants the hero a 15% crit chance but also 200/325/450% of crit damage. With a bit of luck, she can easily one-shot an enemy.

So if you like to lurk in the shadows, gang roaming enemies, and be the primary carry in your team, then the PA is one of the best Dota heroes for you!

3. Sniper


The bronze goes to Sniper, the first range hero in this Dota hero list. He’s an excellent choice for beginners and perfect if you like to stay away from enemies and just watch their health melt.

However, with a bit more than 620 million picks, his KDA is 2.78. Still, his win rate is 49%. Remember that even if you do a lot of damage, if an enemy reaches you, you will probably get killed because this hero doesn’t have any escape abilities.

Talking about abilities, let’s check them out:

The 1st Sniper skill is called “SHRAPNEL,” slowing and damaging enemies in the area. The damage is dealt with 11 times every second, which is excellent for keeping the enemies away from you.

The 2nd ability Sniper has is “HEADSHOT,” a passive skill granting a 40% chance to knockback, slow, and deal extra damage to enemies. This is the core skill of this hero; you need a lot of attack speed, and the enemies will never be able to reach you. Combined with his 3rd ability: “TAKE AIM,” granting passively increased range, and when activated, increases the “HEADSHOT” chance to 100% for 3 seconds, but also slows you down.

The ultimate skill of the Sniper is “ASSASSINATE.” With it, you lock on your target, and after a brief delay, you shoot a bullet dealing 320/510/700 damage and stunning your enemy for a second.

So if you like to blast them from afar, pick the Sniper, and just right-click the right target! It’s one of the Dota 2 most popular heroes.

4. Invoker

Dota 2 heroes

In 4th position stays one of the most complicated heroes in Dota 2, The Invoker. He is ranged, carry, disabler, initiator, and can escape danger. Let’s just say he is everything, which is why he’s one of the hardest heroes to play. Instead of designated skills, he has 3 types of elemental orbs (Quas, Wex, and Exort), and his ultimate “invokes” them into a skill. Every combination gives a different skill, for example, 3 times “Exort” makes a “Sun Strike” or 2 “Exort” and 1 “Wex” makes “Chaos Meteor.”

There are a total of 10 different skills, which you can cast one after another to make a combo. For example, if you launched “Chaos Meteor” and after it “Deafening Blast,” you will first hit them with the meteor, then push them into the trace of flames left by the meteor.

As you see, this is one of the best Dota heroes, but also the most complicated one. One miss-click might cost you the game, invoking the wrong spell at the wrong moment.

However, this hero has been picked more than 600 million times but has a win rate of 47%, the lowest in our list, although he has the highest KDA of 2.98, which is impressive. And clearly he’s one of the Dota 2 popular heroes.

5. Juggernaut


At 5th position is another old hero from Dota 1, the Juggernaut, a melee hero with main agility stats, is an excellent choice for beginners. He is not so complicated and fun to play. Played in more than 560 million matches, with KDA 2.68 and a win rate of 50%, are great statistics for this hero. He’s one of the most picked heroes in Dota 2.

His skill set is based on 1 on 1 combat, but he is also relatively good in team fights. Speaking about skillset, let’s take a closer look at his abilities:

His first skill is called “BLADE FURY,” causing a bladestorm that damages enemies around him, also granting the Juggernaut magic immunity and movement speed bonus. That makes this ability his main one at early levels.

The 2nd skill is “HEALING WARD” as the name suggests, Juggernaut summons a healing ward, which he controls, healing his allies for a percentage of their max health.

His 3rd ability is “BLADE DANCE,” a passive skill granting the Juggernaut a critical chance: 20/25/30/35% and critical damage 180%. This is the perfect combination for his ultimate ability:

“OMNISLASH” makes the hero leap to his target and start slashing it at increased damage and speed. However, if there are other enemies, nearby Juggernaut will leap towards them also, so keep in mind that when using this skill, it will be used on isolated heroes. But is he the hardest hero to play in Dota 2?

6. Slark

Dota 2 heroes

Next on the list of most played heroes in Dota 2 is Slark, an agility-based carry, which is not so hard to play. Although not as easy as the Phantom Assasin, Slark is a good choice for players familiar with the game. He is played in more than 460 million games, with a KDA of 2.71 and a win rate of 50% is an excellent performance for this hero.

His skillset makes him a perfect choice if you like to gang your unexpecting enemies and steal their stats. More for this later. Now let’s check his abilities:

The 1st skill, called “DARK PACT,” allows the Slark to purge most negative effects on him and damage nearby enemies after a short delay at the cost of % of his max life.

His 2nd ability is “POUNCE.” As the name suggests, Slark leaps toward the enemies and grabs the first hero he reaches. The enemy can move a limited distance from the Slark’s landing position.

His 3rd core ability is “ESSENCE SHIFT.” Each time he hits an enemy, he drains each of their attributes (strength, agility, intelligence). If Slark kills an affected enemy hero, he permanently steals 1 agility.

His ultimate skill is “SHADOW DANCE,” which covers Slark in a dark cloud, making him immune to detection, attacks, and casting spells. Meanwhile, he can attack his targets and use items. As a bonus, he gains increased movement speed and health regeneration. It’s not a secret that Slark is one of the Dota 2 most popular heroes.

7. Lion


In 7th position is Lion. He’s an intelligence-based hero, great for initiating the team fight and supporting the allies. He is played in more than 458 million games and has a KDA of 1.97 and a win rate of 48%. These are typical statistics for a hero with his skillset, mainly built for disabling the enemies. Speaking about skills, let’s take a closer look:

His first skill is called “EARTH SPIKE,” which stuns and damages all enemies in a line.

The 2nd ability he has is “HEX.” Lion transforms an enemy unit into a harmless beast for a few seconds. Doing damage to the target won’t break the hex, so attack that chicken!

His 3rd skill is “MANA DRAIN.” As the name suggests, he drains the enemy’s mana and restores his. As a bonus effect, the enemy is also slowed.

As for ultimate, Lion has one of the most powerful ultimates of all the heroes in Dota 2. It is called “FINGER OF DEATH,” which deals massive damage to an enemy unit. If the affected enemy dies within 3 seconds, its damage grows even more.

So, in short, Lion is a great initiator and a disabler. Also, with his ultimate, he can purge an enemy for a split second. It is not so hard to play, but remember, in team fights, you must disable the enemy carry first!

8. Windranger

Dota 2 heroes

Right after the Lion is the Windranger. With more than 457 million games played, a KDA of 2.74, and a win rate of 48%, this hero is a ranged carry or support type (depending on your team’s needs or your playstyle). His skill set is excellent for both, so let’s see what abilities she has:

1st skill is called “SHACKLESHOT.” Windranger throws a shackle at an enemy. They are stunned if there is another enemy or a tree in a line behind them. If there isn’t, the stun duration is reduced.

Her 2nd ability is “POWERSHOT.” She charges her bow, and after a short delay, she shoots a powerful arrow, damaging every enemy in a line. The more time she charges, the more damage it deals.

For a 3rd skill, she has “WINDRUN,” which allows the Windranger to gain evasion and increased movement speed for some time while also slowing nearby enemies.

As ultimate, she has “FOCUS FIRE.” At the cost of reducing her attack damage, she gains an enormous increase in her attack speed auto attacking the target she chose.

So, in conclusion, this Dota hero is great for beginners. It’s not so complicated and suitable for support or a carry role, so take your aim and focus on the enemies.

9. Legion Commander

Dota 2 heroes

With a few hundred difference, the Legion Commander is at 9th position in the list of most played heroes in Dota 2. She has been played a bit more than 457 million times, with a KDA of 2.35 and a win ratio of 48%. She is the perfect choice if you like 1 on 1 combat and prefer durable heroes. As follows, her skills make her a good carry for the team.

Speaking about skills:

Her first ability is called “OVERWHELMING ODDS,” which is an excellent skill for a group of enemies. This skill is based on how many enemies you will hit with it. The more they are, the more damage they will take. As a bonus, you also gain increased movement speed and armor.

The 2nd skill she has is “PRESS THE ATTACK.” With it, Legion Commander removes all debuffs and disables and grants bonus regeneration to a target-friendly unit for a short time.

Her 3rd ability is “MOMENT OF COURAGE,” which is a passive skill, granting the Legion Commander a chance to do a counterattack. Each time she is attacked, each successful counterattack also grants a lifesteal, which is the perfect combination with her ultimate. It’s called
“DUEL.” As the name suggests, she forces an enemy to duel with her, neither hero can use abilities or items, and the duel’s winner gains permanent bonus damage for the rest of the game.

As you see, this hero is a great tank and also a perfect damage dealer. It all depends on your playstyle. However, it’s not so easy to play, so we don’t recommend it for beginners.

10. Axe


The last in our Top 10 of most played heroes in Dota 2 is Axe. Played more than 447 million times, with a win ratio of 51% and KDA 2.32, this hero is the perfect choice for new players who like to initiate the fight. He is a great tank and disabler, so if you want to be in the front line – this is your hero.

His 1st ability is “BERSERKER’S CALL,” which makes all enemies around Axe attack him, granting him a bonus armor. This skill perfectly combines with his 3rd skill: “COUNTER HELIX.” When attacked, Axe has a chance to do a counterattack to all enemies around him, dealing pure damage.

His second skill is called “BATTLE HUNGER,” which enrages the enemy to take damage until he kills a unit or the duration ends.

His ultimate skill is “CULLING BLADE.” With it, Axe deals pure damage to an enemy hero. If it kills it, the cooldown is reset. Axe gains bonus permanent armor, and all nearby ally units gain bonus movement speed.

So, in short, this hero is an excellent choice for beginners. It’s easy to play, and it’s a lot of fun.

These are the Dota 2 most played heroes. Who’s your favorite?

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