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Top 10 Moments from The Office

The Office is our favorite show ever. Isn't it yours?

by Nora Yulieva

Is there even a person who has never watched The Office? If you haven’t, you better change this mistake and watch it immediately. This is one of the best series you will ever see!

Or you can read our article, which will surely convince you to check the show. It’d help you understand most of the Michael Scott meme you are seeing online.

Remember that spoilers of some of the best moments from The Office episodes will be included!

Jim & Pam’s kiss on Casino night

We will start with one of the best scenes with our favorite character – Jim from the Office. If you are a fan of the series, then you definitely know how badly we all wanted Pam and Jim to be together because Roy was not the person for her. Jim was constantly dropping hints to Pam, but somehow, she didn’t notice until the Casino night.

We had to wait a bit to get what we were all waiting for – Pam and Roy broke off their engagement, and Jim’s feelings finally became completely obvious. Then, two of our favorite people from The Office cast got together. Jim kissed Pam during Casino night, which is how the season ended. Can you still remember the joy? Because we can.

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Jim asks Pam to go out

Okay, we had to mention one more scene with Jim and Pam. This scene was rewatched the most in the history of the series, and surprisingly – it was not of the funny ones. It is about Jim racing back from his work in New York to ask Pam out. It is not even romantic, but somehow it melted our hearts.

What made the scene so special was that he gave up the promotion, and we finally got what we wanted after all three seasons of waiting. Furthermore, the acting of Pam was great, and the script – was absolutely perfect. It’s one of the best moments of The Office!

Dwight’s speech

We can’t forget to mention another favorite character – Dwight from The Office, and one of his greatest moments – his speech after winning top salesman of the year. Dwight was super nervous about the speech, so he went to Michael for advice. We had a lot of fun because he didn’t tell him what to say but how to say it, and he included a lot of tips such as waving arms, yelling, and pounding fists.

The speech was definitely one of the funniest moments, especially with the arm movements. Even though all the hilarious acts that Dwight did, the speech went surprisingly well, and the audience loved it.

Whoever V. Whomever

Every fan knows that if there is an ensemble scene – it will be fun! And one of the best of The Office quotes: “It’s whoever, not whomever.” This quote happened during a conference room moment, where all the characters debated the proper usage of “whomever” and “whoever.”

We all laughed, especially when the entire office started conversing about it. This made Michael even more confused and derailed him from the original point that he wanted to make. At least each of us, who has watched the scene, now knows when to use each word.

Pam being drunk at the Dundies

During Michael’s annual office party, we witnessed one of the funniest scenes – Pam being drunk. The party was at the Chili’s restaurant, and nobody was happy to be there, especially Pam. With the night’s progress, she drank a lot and became funnier than ever.

Pam screamed and laughed while Jim was trying to take care of her, which was difficult, especially with her falling from the bar. We all remember how she screamed “Best Dundies Ever!” at the camera. Oops, and do you remember the quick smooch which Pam gave Jim on the mount? Nice!

Kelly’s birthday outburst

Kelly Kapoor has always been one of the most loved The Office characters and often had one of the funniest quotes. Some of them are still around the internet on some memes. In season five, we saw her yelling at Dwight the famous quote: “Screw you, beefer, I don’t forget your birthday!”.

All fans of The Office loved Kelly’s confrontations with Dwight because most of the lines were super fun and unforgettable. The scene where she was angry about her friends forgetting her birthday, caving over the ice cream cake she wanted. We still laugh! It was one of the best The Office moments!

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Dwight hid in a box

Let us tell you more about one classic Dwight scene – fun stupidity mixed with some craziness, our favorite ones. Okay, let’s get to the moment – some rumors were going around the office, so Dwight wanted to hide and asked Jim to join him. He proposed an ‘alliance’ in Survivor-style, which would protect both of them.

Surprisingly, Jim agreed, and with Pam, they tricked the rest of the office into setting up alliances. They also made them believe that a meeting is happening during Meredith’s birthday party in the warehouse. And here comes the fun – Dwight hid in a box because he wanted to listen to the meeting, and Jim taped it up, which made one great, funny and crazy scene.

Jim saying bye to Michael

One of the best episodes is the ‘Goodbye Michael,’ which was not one of the funniest ones, but it warmed our hearts. Jim had to say goodbye to Michael, and the scene was charming, especially with the visible emotion in both characters’ eyes.

The episode ended with Michael scratching Jim’s name on the goodbye list he created after everyone else’s names. This saddened us, but we started loving the series even more thanks to the emotional moment.

Michael leaving Dunder Mifflin

Even though the Office is a fun show, we had some quite emotional moments, and Michael leaving Dunder Mifflin is one of those. We couldn’t hide it – we all cried. He loved Jan a lot, but his love for Holly Flax was unforgettable.

Michael decided he could not let her go when she had to leave to get to her parents in Boulder. He decided to propose and move to Colorado together with her. Some of us cried with happiness, others with sadness, but this was definitely one of the most emotional moments in the Office. Too bad he sold the Michael Scott Paper Company, too.

Jim and Pam’s wedding

We couldn’t get enough of Jim and Pam’s great moments, and we can’t forget to mention one of the greatest – their wedding. All The Office characters had fun and had a lovely time enjoying their friends’ wedding. ‘Forever’ was on, and the JK Wedding Entrance Dance was recreated by the employees of Dunder Mifflin – an unforgettable scene.

During the episode, we had a lot of fun with Dwight kicking Isabel’s face and Kevin with his tissue box shoes. However, not the fun but the romance made Jim and Pam’s wedding one of the best moments in The Office.

Suppose you are wondering where to watch The Office. In that case, it is available on NBC’s streaming services and Amazon Prime Video. Even though the show ended a long time ago, it was an absolute pleasure for us to get back to this brilliant sitcom, to The Office characters, and to this mixture of funny and romantic moments.


What is the best episode from The Office?

It’s hard to say, but many consider “Dinner Party” the best episode from The Office.

Who is the best character from The Office?

Arguably it was Michael Scott. He was the show’s heart and soul until Steve Carell left the production.

What is the best season from The Office?

Among the show’s fans, it’s considered that Season 4 is The Office at its peak. Although it’s one of the shortest, they filled it with the best jokes and plot lines.

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