Mistakes in movie

Top 10 Mistakes Made in Famous Movies

Even the biggest movie makers make some ridiculous mistakes.

by The Dope Lists

The biggest mistakes ever made in famous movies? What can we say – it’s a normal thing to see. And funny at the same time.

As the wise say, only those who do not work, only they don’t make mistakes. And that even the smartest is a little stupid. Fair enough, but when it comes to claiming fame and demonstrating art, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make striking mistakes. But on the contrary – there are surprisingly obvious omissions, which, to put it mildly, are at least unacceptable (especially in the cinema):

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Mistakes in movies

They made the film in 2019, but it is still worth thinking about what times it tells. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Rick Dalton, has to fly back to Hollywood in a Boeing 747. Oops! They put this model into operation in 1970, and the action took place in 1969. In this case, the model of the aircraft should be 707. Let’s forgive them this slight change of numbers…

Doctor Strange

mistakes in movies

The 2016 Marvel film would show something wholly unacceptable and even reprehensible if it happened in real life – doctors performing brain surgery without wearing surgical masks. Masks are mandatory for every activity in the operating room, even with the slightest intervention. And this has nothing to do with COVID-19! The rule for operating rooms always applies. In that sense – yes, it really is Dr. Strange.

American Sniper 

American Sniper doll

There is hardly such a gross mistake in the history of cinema as in this movie from 2015, with a serious script and impactful scenes. It is known that dolls are used in the cinema instead of children for dangerous play, but the baby Bradley Cooper holds in one of the shots is obviously made of plastic and looks absolutely fake. One would think they could have done much better here. It must be one of the biggest mistakes made in movies.


Gladiator gas can

It often happens that some modern feature passes through time and slips through the action into an ancient film. A brilliant example of this is the famous film by Ridley Scott from 1999, which tells about a time long before the creation of fuel-powered vehicles. However, there is something about time-traveling – during the Battle of Carthage, everyone can see a gas can on the back of the chariot when it overturns.

Independence Day 

mistakes in movies

In that famous movie from 1996, there is a scene in which Jeff Goldblum’s character throws a tantrum in the hanger containing the captured alien ship. He inadvertently knocks down a trash can with the words “Art Dept”. That’s what it’s called to include the backstage props in the final tape! Further comments are unnecessary. It’s one of the funniest mistakes in movies.


Braveheart car

The 1995 film tells the story of a very distant time – in the 13th century. So, what makes a contemporary 20th-century car in the background of a great battle? Actually, the real question is: why didn’t they cut it out of the tape before the film was released in cinemas around the world?

Pretty Woman

Mistakes in movies

The 1990 film, which some say is a classic, is not without flaws, but we will note the most obvious one. Julia Roberts’ character bites a croissant in the hotel room where Richard Gere is. And when the camera turns to her, the croissant turns into a pancake.


Batman hand prints

Tim Burton’s 1989 film about the famous character is full of visible and not so obvious mistakes. But let us note the most apparent, visible even to the most unobservant. The scene is in a museum. The Joker and his people distort paintings there; one of them strikes a picture with his hands covered in red paint, from which the picture becomes marked with red prints. And in the next frame, those same handprints just disappear! When did the good guys in the movie manage to wash them away during the invasion?

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing gear shift

It is simple, but it’s a mistake! In one of the scenes, Johnny should be driving, but if you take a closer look at the gear shift, you will see that the car is actually in a parking lot. And if non-drivers would not notice, it would not be missed from a professional driver’s view, for example.

It’s a Wonderful Life

It's a wonderful life tombstone

Old but gold, like a 1946 film. Great, but it would be even better if there were no dumb mistakes in that famous movie. George’s brother is said to have died at the age of nine, but the dates on his tombstone indicate that he was eight.

These are some of the biggest mistakes in movies. As you can see, no one, not even the most excellent director, is safe from making errors. Still, it’s good to spot the mistakes before the movies hit the market. Nowadays, editing is much easier, given the availability of increasingly modern, fast, and accurate technologies.

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