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Did you know these things about the Italian rock band?

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Måneskin is an Italian music band, because of which rock fans went into ecstasy in recent months. The story of this “fire”, called Måneskin, is fascinating – just like themselves, even separately. 

Well, we could not fail to mention ten facts about the rock band Måneskin, which will surely arouse your interest! The truth is one – these are the provocateurs of the new age, who managed to conquer everyone in the world – not only with their eccentricity but also with their undeniable talent. In a lightning speed, Måneskin climbed to the top of all rankings. 

The band Måneskin was formed in 2016.

All members of the rock band Måneskin meet while studying at the high school in Monteverde, Rome. So, in 2016, the band is a fact. Its members are Damiano David (vocalist), Thomas Raggi (guitarist), Victoria De Angelis (bassist), and Ethan Torchio (drummer).

Måneskin and its meaning

They chose the band’s name quite randomly. In a real dilemma – what to call the newly formed group, the members ask Måneskin’s bassist – Victoria, to start listing different words in Danish because she is half Danish. Of course, they should have sounded good! In the end, they decided that Måneskin was the perfect name, although it had nothing to do with the band. And so, the “moonlight” (as Måneskin translates) lights up their path. After winning Pulse, a well-known local music competition for newly formed bands, they decided that their name was lucky, and that’s why it remains unchanged to this day. That’s one of the interesting facts in the Måneskin biography.


From the street to the stage

Yes, before they became famous, Måneskin performed on the street. After Eurovision 2021, things are changing radically for them! Things are different now – everyone is looking forward to the band announcing a concert in their country where they can enjoy their music. That’s one of the amazin Maneskin facts.

Måneskin participated in X-Factor

Although perhaps, Måneskin were not so well known to the world, this is not the case in Italy. Their star began to rise in 2017 when they appeared on the X Factor and took the honorable second place. With their performance of the song “Chosen”, which is written by them, they win the love of everyone, but the spectacular success comes a few years later – with Eurovision 2021! 


Italy hasn’t won Eurovision for 31 years. 

Yes, after a long wait, Måneskin brought Italy back into the game! And it’s remarkable. Although the jury had a different opinion, the people on the small screens voted strongly. Thanks to the audience vote, at Eurovision 2021, the rock band Måneskin grabbed first place and the hearts of everyone with the song “Zitti e buoni”. A real enjoyment, which is just the glamorous start of their music career! 

The Eurovision 2021 scandal with the special participation of Måneskin

The band Måneskin builds a bold and brazen reputation, but in fact, the characters of all members are far from that. An interesting fact is that the Eurovision final was an absolute scandal. During the live broadcast, in one of the shots, Damiano David appears to be using drugs. The great Italian denied everything and even offered to take a drug test himself. And yes, the test was negative! Also, the group was invited to a press conference in which Damiano explained why he leaned over the table and how the reason was just a broken glass by Thomas. Although they tried to overthrow them, the young rock stars did not give up. Also, many people share that Damiano is actually a very meek and modest boy, although he reveals a totally different image with his stage behavior.


Damiano David’s heart has already been stolen

Sorry, ladies! Yes, a fact. The girl with whom Damiano is in a relationship, and not a recent one, is called Giorgia Soleri. She is a well-known blogger with thousands of followers on Instagram. She is also a feminist. Despite their long-term relationship, Damiano and Giorgia do not show a lot on the Internet. There is one thing that’s a fact – the love for tattoos of both. Even the latest single – MAMMAMIA is already tattooed on Damiano’s body. 

Bonus fact: Damiano is a fan of the Italian Serie A football club A.S. Roma.

Victoria de Angelis supports the Black Lives Matter movement

Behind this sweet and beautiful face, there is actually a sad story. Victoria’s mother, Jeanett, died five years ago. The beauty from Måneskin says that it just broke her, but despite everything – here she is today. Successful and conquering new peaks. Indeed, any mother would be proud of such a child! 

Vicky also supports the Black Lives Matter movement and adores her dog, to whom she always pays special attention. 

Bonus fact: Both Victoria and the Måneskin boys support the LGBTQ+ community. 

Besides being a drummer, Ethan Torchio is also a model 

Our favorite Ethan – the long-haired tempter, who is also a model for famous brands – yes! In addition to being amazing on the drums, he captivates us on the catwalk. Recently, the whole Måneskin group represented the Italian brand – Gucci! 

Bonus fact: The drummer adores animals and treats them like humans.

Bonus fact: Even if it doesn’t show, Ethan loves food. Especially burgers and fries, but with his perfect physique that didn’t even occur to us!

Måneskin’s youngest member – Thomas Raggi

Yes, Thomas is the youngest of them all, but he is excellent – memorable and provoking a storm of emotions with his unusual appearance. The young man loves guitars, and he even has a whole collection! 

Like Damiano, he’s into tattoos, but they are not so numerous. 

Bonus fact: His pet is a piranha.


What is the Måneskin net worth?

According to the website Paywizard, Måneskin are currently earning around $2,204,974.00 per year.

Who’s Damiano David dating?

Damiano David was dating Italian model Giorgia Soleri for around five years, but they split up in 2023.

What tattoo Damiano David has on his hip?

On his hip, Damiano tattooed a pair of wings and a quote about Icarus – a hero from Greek mythology known as the first man who flew. That’s also why Damiano is naming himself “Ykaaar” on social media.

What genre is Måneskin?

Måneskin is one of the most famous pop rock bands in the world right now.

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