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Top 10 Manchester City Players of All Time

Who are the biggest Man City legends in history?

by Konstantin Simidchiyski

The Manchester City players who became legends – let’s talk about them!

Founded in 1880, Manchester City is one of the clubs ruling the English Premier League in modern times. Since Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan bought the Cityzens in 2008, this team quickly became one of the best in the world. Their ever-growing trophy cabinet is proving it.

Some haters would say that Man City’s recent success is mainly because of their owners’ wealth. That’s not particularly false – Sheikh Mansour is an incredibly rich person. But at the same time, their success is also due to signing the right players and some proper coaching. 

So, who are Manchester City’s most impressive players of all time? Let’s take a look at this club’s history. Some fantastic stars used to wear the Cityzens’ blue shirt.

Yaya Toure

After being pushed out of Barcelona’s team in 2010, Yaya Toure had to find a new home. He chose to move to the Premier League and accept Manchester City’s offer. This turned out to be one of the best decisions in his life.

Feeling underappreciated by Barca, Yaya finally got the respect he deserved. The midfielder spent 8 seasons with the blue shirt, and he will be remembered as one of the best players to ever play at the Etihad. The Ivorian scored 79 goals for Man City and contributed to three Premier League titles. Football fans still wonder how such a big man could be so technical with the ball.

Eric Brook

Manchester City

Sergio Aguero is Manchester City’s all-time goal scorer, but before him, it was Eric Brook who held this title. Brook played for the Cityzens between 1928 and 1939, scoring an impressive 179 goals for the club. 

Brook is a massive figure in Man City’s history. He led the club to its first league title in 1937, while three years prior, he also triumphed with the FA Cup. Football players weren’t so rich back then, so he had to work as a coach driver, bartender, and crane operator after he retired from the sport. Surely one of the most curious cases among the Manchester City players in history. 

Kevin De Bruyne

Is there anything in football Kevin De Bruyne can’t do? We can barely think of any. A Chelsea reject, KDB joined Manchester City in the summer of 2015, and this turned out to be one of the best deals this club ever made.

Winning three Premier League titles, Kevin De Bruyne is one of the finest midfielders in the history of Manchester City. The Belgian international is an incredibly gifted player who can dictate the tempo and make tons of assists. Creating chances is his most substantial ability, but he also knows how to score when the team needs it. De Bruyne is arguably one of the best Manchester City players in modern times.

Vincent Kompany

A little bit injury prone, but an incredible center-back, Vincent Kompany played for Manchester City between 2008 and 2019. Captaining the team for many seasons, Kompany finished his career with four Premier League gold medals. 

Although injuries kept him out of the pitch for too many games, Kompany was always influential when he was on the pitch. His leadership skills were impressive, while his ability to defend was priceless for the Cityzens. Right now, he’s coaching Anderlecht in his home country, but maybe one day he will return to the club in some way. He remains one of the Top 10 Man City players of all time.

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

Born and raised in Manchester, Mike Doyle defended City’s colors between 1965 and 1978. Playing as a central midfielder, Doyle played 570 times for the club and won the league title in 1968.

Man City fans are entirely aware that Mike Doyle was not a superstar or one of the most gifted players of his time. But he was something else – a player who was always there for the team, who was versatile on the pitch and always defended the club’s colors with his heart. He was one of the most essential Man City players in his era, so he’s called a legend for a reason.

David Silva

The Wizard! 2010 is one of the best years in Manchester City’s history because that’s the year when they signed Valencia’s David Silva. The English fans probably didn’t know what to expect from this little player, but they received the complete package – a package full of magic.

David Silva turned out to be one of the most talented and gifted players in Man City’s history. He spent 10 years at the Etihad and made the fans fall in love with him. Silva scored 77 goals for the club, and he was making assists for fun. His technique was spectacular, while his vision for the game was something to envy him. 

Sergio Aguero

260 goals in 390 games – this is how Sergio “Kun” Aguero finished his fantastic decade in Manchester City. The Argentine striker became the club’s all-time top scorer and won 15 trophies with the blue shirt. He’s not just one of Manchester City’s best players ever – he’s one of the best players in the history of the Premier League.

After leaving Man City, Aguero signed a contract with La Liga giants Barcelona but had to retire because of heart problems. Although Kun is now a part of Manchester City’s history, fans will never forget his contribution to the club. For most of them, he’s Man City’s greatest player ever. We tend to agree.


Playing as a defensive midfielder, Fernandinho is one of the players you barely notice on the pitch but who’s doing the “dirty work”. This Brazilian beast won City’s fans with his work ethic and leadership skills. It’s not a surprise that he did well enough to become the club’s captain as well.

Casual football fans always talk about attackers, but without players like Fernandinho, it’s impossible to win titles. Fernandinho was instrumental for Man City in his peak years, and he’s recognized as a legend now. Even now, when he’s 36-years old, Pep Guardiola still can’t let him go.

Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne never won a significant trophy with Manchester City because he was part of a least successful era in the club’s history. He played for a barely competitive team, but he was always consistent and reliable in his efforts. 

The Irish center-back played for Man City between 2000 and 2009, eventually promoted as the club’s captain. He was instrumental in Man City winning promotion to the Premier League in 2002, and all the fans respect him. Sometimes it’s not about the trophies – it’s about the heart and defending the team’s colors. Dunne was really good in this. That’s why he’s one of the loved Manchester City players by the fans.

Colin Bell

Manchester City fans still call Colin Bell “The King” and it can’t be for nothing, right? Playing as a midfielder, Bell won all domestic titles with City and even triumphed in Europe by winning the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1970. In 2005 they included Colin Bell in the English Football Hall of Fame, which proved his impressive legacy. When Colin Bell died in 2021, Man City fans honored him with a huge banner that said just two words – “The King”.

Honorable Mention: Neil Young

395 games in all competitions and 102 goals scored – Neil Young can easily impress you with his stats for Manchester City. He played as a forward/winger for the club between 1961 and 1972 and won the English First Division in 1968. He’s also part of Man City’s team that won the only European trophy in the club’s history so far – the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1970. In 2008 Manchester City deservedly included him in the club’s Hall of Fame.

Honorable Mention: Ilkay Gündogan

When Manchester City signed Ilkay Gündogan from Borussia Dortmund in 2016, they made an essential move for their future success. The German international became one of the finest midfielders in the club’s history, impressing the Premier League pundits with his technique, creativity, and passing ability. Gündogan’s most important performance was probably the brace he scored against Aston Villa on the final day to help secure the 2021/22 Premier League title.


Who’s the player with the most appearances for Manchester City?

Former midfielder Alan Oakes played 676 games for the Cityzens between 1959 and 1976.

Which player made the most continental appearances for Man City?

Manchester City’s former captain Fernandinho played 75 times for the club in continental games.

Who’s the player who scored the most goals for Manchester City in a single season?

Norwegian star Erling Haaland amazingly scored 52 goals in all competitions in his first season at Manchester City (2022/23)

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