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by Konstantin Simidchiyski

Linkin Park is a hyper-successful American rock band from California. Being one of the faces of the nu-metal genre, Linkin Park became one of the most influential music acts of the ’00s. Experimenting with other genres such as heavy metal and hip-hop, these talented boys created a loyal fanbase worldwide thanks to their incredible energy and strong musical message.

Sadly, it’s safe to say that Linkin Park’s end came in the summer of 2017 when the band’s frontman Chester Bennington tragically committed suicide. Since then, the group’s surviving members have focused on different things, although they never officially announced the disbandment of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park is a band with an impressive catalog indeed. It’s almost impossible to pick their best songs, but let’s give it a go. Here we at The Dope Lists present you Linkin Park’s Top 10 songs of all time!

10. “Breaking the Habit”

One of Meteora’s singles, Breaking the Habit quickly became one of Linkin Park’s biggest hits. The song is fast-paced and focusing on the personal cycle of destruction every human on this Earth has. That’s why this band has so many fans around the world – they know how to touch your feelings and make you relate. “Breaking the Habit” will always remain one of the Top 10 Linkin Park songs.

9. “What I’ve Done”

Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, this track was the leading single of the Minutes to Midnight album. Some might say it’s the exact moment when Linkin Park started to change their sound, and they said goodbye to their nu-metal roots. Many fans didn’t like this change of direction, while some others appreciated the band’s desire to change and look for new horizons. Is this the best Linkin Park song? Probably not, but it’s still very good.

8. “Somewhere I Belong”

The first single of Meteora, and now we turn back to the classic Linkin Park sound. The fans waited for a long time to see how Linkin Park will respond to the enormous success of the Hybrid Theory album. It’s safe to say they were not disappointed. The lyrics of this song really made our blood boil, and that’s precisely what we loved Linkin Park for. It’s easily one of the most popular Linkin Park songs.

7. “Crawling”

The Hybrid Theory catapult Linkin Park into the stratosphere, and there are so many reasons why this album was such a masterpiece. It was always about the songwriting and the way the lyrics find a way to reach your soul. In this song, Chester Bennington tries to come to terms with his demons – something many of us has tried but failed. Later Chester would admit that for him, it was always difficult to perform this song live.

6. “One More Light”

This album is Linkin Park’s final release before Chester Bennington’s tragic death. That’s the reason why this record is so studied by the fans – can we see the signs of what’s about to happen? Is Chester leaving us any hints? One should decide for himself. Although many music lovers do not appreciate Linkin Park’s sound from these years, “One More Light” is really a great song. Even more – one of the Linkin Park top songs!

5. “Papercut”

Back to the Hybrid Theory because it’s the album’s opening track. And boy – what an opening it was. Mike Shinoda’s rap starts the song, while Chester’s energetic vocals make it really intense to listen to. What can we say? We can feel this band’s ambition to take over the world from this album’s first track. And they did! It’s easily one of the best Linkin Park songs!

4. “One Step Closer”

Back to Hybrid Theory because here we have another song from this album. And back to the times when Linkin Park sounded as nu-metal as possible. It’s enough to hear the way Chester screams, “Shut up when I’m talking to you!” to feel the band’s determination. It’s LP in their purest form. Every fan would agree it’s one of the Linkin Park Top 10 songs.

3. “Faint”

We move to the Meteora again because the band’s second album remains one of its best works. “Faint” was mainstream enough to rule the radio but also staying true to the band’s original sound and loyal to the fanbase. Mark Romanek’s iconic video allowed this song to reach worldwide success just as it deserved. “Faint” will always be one of the Top 10 songs of Linkin Park.

2. “In the End”

“In the End” offers us a remarkable symbiosis between the song’s piano-driven composition and Chester’s magnificent vocals at the chorus. Mike Shinoda’s raps are powerful, while Chester totally kills it between the verses. The music video already has more than a billion views on YouTube, which is a good enough statement. It’s one of the Linkin Park biggest hits.

1. “Numb”

We are at the number one position, and it was always “Numb” – a song millions of kids can relate to – just like we did. “I’m tired of being what you want me to be, feeling so faithless, lost under the surface…” – this song really helped Linkin Park become one of the authentic voices of a whole generation. If this song doesn’t give you the chills, we don’t know which one will do it. We still believe it has one of the best Linkin Park songs lyrics.


What’s Linkin Park’s most famous song?

It isn’t easy to definitively answer this question, but “Numb” is probably winning the race here.

What are the top ten songs of Linkin Park?

Read our list, and we are sure you’ll see some of the best!

Is “Papercut” among the Linkin Park top hits?

Surely it is. “Papercut” is one of the band’s most significant hit records.

What’s the Chester Bennington real name?

His name was Chester Charles Bennington.

What was Chester’s vocal range?

Chester Bennington’s vocal abilities encompassed a range spanning three octaves, commencing from the lowest G 2 and culminating at the highest G 5. Throughout his entire career, his vocals demonstrated remarkable endurance and resilience.

Are there any Linkin Park slow songs?

No doubt there are. Check out beautiful records such as “One More Light”, “Leave Out All the Rest”, and “Iridescent”.

Are there any Linkin Park hip hop songs?

Linkin Park includes rapping in many of their songs. It’s usually Mike Shinoda who’s doing the part. They also made a special collaboration with one of the biggest rap legends of all time – Jay-Z.

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