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Top 10 Korean Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

These K-dramas are really, really nice.

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Korean shows have been overachieving on Netflix in recent years. And it’s not just about the record-breaking Squid Game, which turned into a global sensation overnight – it’s a long list full of excellent titles to watch. 

These K-dramas offer unique and compelling storylines that captivate the audience’s imagination. At the same time, they can provide high production value, stunning cinematography, and well-developed characters. We can also effortlessly highlight the attention to detail regarding set design and costumes.

But one of the most critical factors for the K-dramas’ success is arguably the emotional depth of the characters. These heroes explore family, love, sacrifice, and personal growth themes. They resonate with the public, and it’s not surprising these Korean shows are so popular.

Here are the top 10 Korean Shows on Netflix you should give watch:

The Glory

Korean shows

The Glory starring Song Hye-kyo, is one of the top Korean Shows on Netflix. What are you waiting for? Check out this most trending show right here, right now. The utterly captivating ending in every episode makes the audience complete this drama in one go. The show becomes intense as the vengeance gets stronger with every new episode. The story begins when Moon-Dong Eun (Song Hye-kyo) gets bullied in High School by her classmates. What would be more painful than the hair-curling iron that burns her skin? What can be more hurtful than the kicks and beatings that none of her innocence deserves? Only avenging the perpetrators can heal the deep wounds and permanent scars left in her. Indeed watch this Korean show on Netflix to know her vengeance as a homeroom teacher as she grows up. 



Isn’t it on your watchlist yet? You better put this Korean show on your Netflix list. This can be the right choice if you are looking for a series based on actual events. It all begins in a small country named Suriname, where there is so much corruption, crime, and political issues. A deliberate entrepreneur visits Suriname to start his new business, which can earn him a considerable amount of money. As the certain situation escalates, his business idea is at a downfall that leaves him with only two options; either to leave empty-handed back to South Korea (his least preferred option) or to help the NIS agent of his country to catch a drug lord in Suriname to earn some money. In this either-do-or-die situation, you will be just awe-struck by how luring and smart the back-stab game ends. 

Alchemy of Soul

Alchemy Soul

Alchemy of Soul is a recently completed drama with two seasons – a mixture of fantasy, action, and romance spices up the whole plot. Alchemy of Soul means shifting souls using forbidden sorcery. The story entangles the soul of Naksu, a shadow assassin, who gets shifted inside the body of a blind girl (Mu-Doek) who soon reveals to be a priestess who has lost touch with her power Jin Bu-yoen, the lost daughter of the Jin family. The yearning and painful love story makes your heartache. But how far will the love go despite pain? Hurry up and add this show to your Korean drama Netflix list. 

Our Beloved Summer 

Our Beloved Summer

What happens when your ex-lover comes again into your life? Featuring Kim Da-mi of the superhit Itaewon Class, Our Beloved Summer is yet another enticing piece. After years apart, they are pulled back into each other’s life and starts making documentary just like years before in High School which became very popular. Will they fall in love again or hatred begin?

My Name 

Korean shows

If ‘The Glory’ was one of your favorite dramas, binge “My Name” (if you haven’t) which was originally released in 2021 since they share so much in common. Though it has got 8 episodes, it will make you feel like an hour in a swing. My Name reminds you of death, vengeance, and retaliation. Yoon Ji-woo (the main character) becomes vengeful when her father dies suddenly and fiercely chooses the dark path of revenge to teach what it means to take your loved one away. It all starts with a powerful crime boss and her vengeance commence. 

Business Proposal

Korean shows

Looking for some Korean shows on Netflix for a good laugh? Business proposal based on a Webtoon of the same title with its genre of rom-com can have you hooked till the end. Starring Kim Se-jeong and Ahn Hyo-seop directed by Park Seon-ho has in total of 12 episodes with never-ending fun. Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date in place of her best friend. What happens next is wind-whirling when Shin Ha-ri finds out that the partner with whom she went on a blind date is the CEO of her company. In the loop of carrying two-faced characters in this drama, surely watch this top Korean show on Netflix to find out what happens when the secret gets revealed. 

Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance

As interesting as the name sounds, Crash Course in Romance is another top Korean TV show on Netflix in English. Being the most-watched drama in Netflix and hitting the highest rating, Crash Course in Romance has got a lot to offer with its unique story. With its genre blended with romance and thriller, a belly laugh but frowned face the next moment make up the best combo. The heart-warming moments between a single mother who owns a grocery store and the celebrity math tutor blend with the crimes of the serial killer to make it worth binging. 

The Silent Sea 

The Silent Sea

Starring one of the highest-paid actors, Gong Yoo, as the main character, the real fun starts the moment you start the show. In this ominous situation where there is a water shortage on Earth, a group of researchers is sent to a research station known as Balhae to retrieve the samples left behind. In this research center, a tragedy happened before when no researcher came out alive including Han Yun-jae’s (Gong Yoo) sister. In search of the bitter truth of death, the creepiness of the whole scene keeps you awake. 

Mr. Queen 

Korean shows

Wondered about the unique title of this drama? As the name conveys, this historical drama is about Queen Cheorin in the Joseon era whose soul gets exchanged with the modern man. You can’t stop laughing at the weirdness and hilarious act of Queen Cheorin. The acting of Shin Hye-sun who takes the role of Queen keeps you stunned and dazed. The unraveling past of the Queen and her lost memories keeps adding more to the twist of the main plot. The way modern man copes with the Joseon period is just humorous. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Korean shows

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a legal drama and a story that depicts what it takes to make success on our side. Woo Young-woo is an autistic lawyer who graduated from Seoul National University. Though she lacks certain social skills, her high IQ and sharp memories make her unbeatable in solving cases. Check out this top Korean show on Netflix.

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