Top 10 Inventions Made in Nazi Germany

Top 10 Inventions Made in Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany was full of tyrants, but they had some incredible inventions.

by Nora Yulieva

The inventions of Nazi Germany are always exciting to talk about.

Have you ever wondered why most weapons were developed if the Nazis had such good inventors? What if Nazi Germany had won WW2, would have they created some excellent products and energy sources? 

Since their technologies were developed mainly during WW2, most inventions were military. However, they were so good and ahead of their time that people are still interested to learn more about them. 

Today we are going to introduce you to the most famous Nazi inventions. Some of those are products that are still used nowadays, others are very advanced for their time, and others, well, they are definitely interesting and worth mentioning. We are not trying to raise the Nazi Germany flag, but to remind you of their genius as inventors.

The Volkswagen Beetle

VW Beetle

Photo: Herranderssvensson / Wikipedia

Almost everybody knows one of the most famous inventions is the VW Beetle. This is one of the inventions that Hitler organized for the average working person to afford without difficulty. It was designed to be cheap but durable enough and of high quality simultaneously. 

The famous car was designed visually and technically by the famous automotive manufacturer Ferdinand Porsche in 1938, and it was discontinued in the late 1970s. It was super successful, and this can be easily proven by paying attention to the road – VW Beetles can still be seen from time to time, and most are in excellent condition. The design is so good, and ahead of its time, so we can even see it in the modern Porsches. It must be one of the most exciting Nazi Germany inventions! More about VW Beetle’s history you can be read here.

So, did Hitler invent Volkswagen? The whole company as well? Pretty much he did!

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The first helicopter

Inventions Nazi Germany

Photo: James Coleman / Unsplash

We cannot miss one of the greatest inventions – the first helicopter. Most people know that the first sketch of aircraft powered by a spiral rotor was created by Leonardo da Vinci. In early 1937, the Nazis started the development of the first practical helicopter. It’s one of the best Adolf Hitler inventions.

However, even though it took decades to fully develop it, the Flettner FL282 was the first helicopter introduced to the world. It influenced the design of all modern ones. 1000 were made in 1944; however, only three were preserved after the war.



Image: Jynto / Wikipedia

The famous drug, used for painkillers and for treating other opioids addiction, was actually discovered during the rise of Nazi Germany. Due to many factors, there was a shortage of opium, and in 1937 the solution was invented – methadone. You can add it in the Hitler inventions list.

However, after World War II, the data about the drug was confiscated and brought to the US in 1947. This is a product widely used all around the world and helps a lot of people to fight addiction and in a lot of post-surgery situations. It must be one of Hitler’s greatest inventions!

Night vision

night vision

Photo: Military_Material / Pixabay

One of the most interesting German technologies nowadays is the night vision system. It wasn’t developed before WWII, but the people felt the need for it, keeping in mind that most battles were during the night. So, the night vision made life in Nazi Germany easier and the fights. 

Firstly, it was created for the “panther” tank. It was used on the Eastern and Western fronts. Later the invention was changed to be used on a special assault rifle, and it was called “vampire.” It was practical and weighed around 2 kg. Then followed the modern night vision system for a helmet we all know. According to historical sources, the technology was used for the first time when the end of the war came in 1945.

Guided missiles

Inventions Nazi Germany

Photo: Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

We can thank the Wehrmacht for the technology of the guided missiles. The “Fritz X” was the grandfather of the modern US and Soviet bombs, controlled with a joystick. It was created by Max Kramer at the Luftwaffe experimental establishment in Berlin. 

The invention was deployed for the first time in 1943, guided by an operator remotely, using radio signals. The guided missiles were able to sink the Italian battleship “Roma.” After that, the allies created similar weapons, which started from this one.


Inventions Nazi Germany

Photo: FRANK

Oops, one of the inventions from Nazi Germany that is not so good is methamphetamine. Believe it or not, this is also a Nazi invention. Called Pervitin, this is the direct ancestor to modern crystal meth. These pills were widely spread across German society. 

Moreover, they were used by the army. Historical rumors say that around 35 million tablets were sent to the 3 million troops. The substance was further developed after the war in the 50s and 60s. It was mainly for recreational use and obesity problems, and attention deficits.



Photo: Renato Trentin / Unsplash

Did Hitler invent Fanta? Maybe you’ve heard this weird question at least once in your lifetime.

Surprisingly, Fanta was created in Nazi Germany, during the war, in 1945. After the embargo on Coca-Cola due to the war, the German branch of the company created Fanta with Third Reich’s signature. The reason behind this invention is for the brand to continue its popularity.

The Fanta became a reason for nationalistic pride, and it was consumed by all of the German population. However, the Fanta we know today differs since it was initially made from scraps. It’s still an answer to the question “What did Hitler invent that we use today?”

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By ru:User:Superewer – ru:Файл:Metro-maus1.jpg, Public Domain,

We all know that Nazi Germany is famous for its heavy and super-heavy tanks. The Mouse (Maus) is one of them, even though only five were made. The armored vehicle was massive – nearly 190 tons- a weakness in this case because it was too difficult to transportation. The tank destroyed the roads and bridges and was too heavy for a train. Its speed was 20km/h., and it could hit a target up to 3 km. 

Only two were deployed in wartime because the rest were incomplete and ready for use. The finished ones were ordered to defend the High Command of the Wehrmacht in 1945. The first was destroyed during transportation, and the other was sabotaged with a bomb in the engine. 



Photo: hsvall / Pixabay

Its common knowledge that Hugo Boss build his brand off the back of Nazi Germany by using the military and slave labor. However, it is less known that the famous liqueur was also created by the Nazis.

Including 56 different fruits and herbs, Jägermeister was created in 1933. The creators were politically involved in the Nazi party. They used a solid political push, even dough they denied it post-war. We must admit, though – it’s one of the tastiest inventions from Nazi Germany.

Long Range Stealth

Inventions Nazi Germany

By M. Muller – made by M. Muller, CC0,

The Arado E.555 is a strategic jet-powered bomber we can add in our list of Nazi inventions. It was created in 1942 because of the newly created “Americabomber.” Because speed and ranger were the main priority, it was designed with unique angular wing construction. In the future, the design will be replicated by the B-2 stealth creators decades later.

When you wonder what Nazi Germany invented, the answer is comprehensive – they made hundreds of unique and exciting discoveries using knowledge and creativity. We hope you enjoyed this information because we were surprised by the number of interesting inventions created by Nazi Germany. Which do you like the most?

In another article, we will tell you other intriguing things. For example – how did Adolf Hitler die? His story is the opposite of boring despite being a tyrant.

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