Peter Pettigrew

Top 11 Facts About Peter Pettigrew From Harry Potter

We all hate Peter Pettigrew. But what do we know about him?

by Nora Yulieva

Hello, fellow Potterheads! It’s time to grab your wands as we are about to dive deep into the Harry Potter world, our favourite magic place. The star today is Peter Pettigrew – one of the most enigmatic and controversial characters. 

There are hardly any people that like this character, and it is understandable – after all, he betrayed Lily and James. However, Pettigrew definitely is an interesting part of Harry Potter’s unforgettable story. As devoted fans of the J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece, we are happy to share with you 10 interesting facts about one of the most complex and underestimated characters – Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter.

The Meaning Behind Peter’s Name is Special

Peter is a biblical name as there is an apostle called Peter. This association check is pretty interesting and specific when it comes to Pettigrew. On the morning of Christ’s crucifixion, Peter denied him. Despite the fact that he later apologised, he actually betrayed his rescuer, similar to Peter Pettigrew’s activities of turning his back to the side of light.

However, we all know that Petter Pettigrew from Harry Potter has one more name. Wormtail clearly alludes to his rodent structure as an Animagus. His name given as a rodent by the Weasley family, Scabbers, undoubtedly alludes to his rumpled and decaying appearance, like an exacting scab. Again, JK Rowling has thought about every little and specific detail, and that’s why we love her that much!

Peter Pettigrew

Peter was born in 1960 

Even the biggest and most loyal fans of Harry Potter do not know a lot about Peter’s background, as most of it remains a mystery. We don’t really know the names of his parents; we only have heard about his mother.

All book readers know one fact – he was born in 1960, as he attended Hogwarts in 1971. We don’t know a lot about Peter Pettigrew’s house and childhood, but we believe that it was not that interesting. He used to be bullied at school, and this explains the tendency he has towards more powerful friends and protectors.

Indeed, even the bad-to-the-bone fans could have missed this one. Peter Pettigrew’s mom, who is just momentarily referenced, could in any case be going around in the Wizarding Scene. At the point when Peter was granted the Order for Merlin, it was acknowledged for his sake by his mom. 

That is the main notice of the lady, and as far as we might be aware she may be expired. However – it still can’t seem to be affirmed by Rowling. Envision what she probably supposed in the event that she took in the genuine destiny of her child. It would be intriguing to see her and Harry meet not too far off.

Peter Pettigrew was a Member of the Marauders and of the Order of the Phoenix

Every fan of Harry Potter knows – Pettigrew was considered to be a good guy for a long period of time. As the Hat puts him in Gryffindor, he becomes a member of the Marauders. Later, during the war, he also joins the Order of the Phoenix, and here starts the disaster, as this is one of the biggest mistakes.

Sadly, Pettigrew shares information to the Death Eaters, as well as to Voldemort, which makes him a turncoat. Later, he also becomes a part of the dark side.

Peter Pettigrew

Pettigrew was Never as Powerful as the Marauders

Let’s get to one of the most interesting moments of his life – Peter Pettigrew’s Marauders era. He joined the Marauders as he became a member of Gryffindor, however, his reputation was not as amazing as the other members. Everybody knew that he was not that powerful; in the books, McGonagall even mentions that his talent was not as big as the talent of Sirius and James.

Even though they were Pettigrew’s friends, the other Marauders were aware that he was weak and unimpressive, but this was never a problem for them. Sirius recommended him as Lily and James’ Secret Keeper since he thought of him as immaterial and, in this manner, figured no Death Eater could at any point associate him with holding onto such a significant mystery. However – everyone’s greatest error was underestimating Pettigrew’s weakness; He became a follower of Voldemort because of his lack of confidence and desire for power. Imagine if he hadn’t joined the Marauders, the whole story would have been so different… Now you understand the big role of the Wormtail, right?

Peter Spent 12 Years in his Rat Form and Could Communicate with Other Rats

Did you know that the Wormtail from Harry Potter spent a whole 12 years in his rat form after faking his death? Well, it is a good punishment which he deserved, but still – after betraying Lilly and James, he deserved even worse. 

But the worst part of all is that Peter becomes a pet rat of Percy Wasley – Ron’s brother. He spends a lot of time living an easy and safe life there, and he even  becomes a pet of Ron himself. What a coincidence, or not?

In fact, Peter could also communicate with other rats. The degree of an animagus’ capacities was rarely appropriately made sense of. The books just notice that the change is difficult to accomplish and, surprisingly, harder to keep up with, however – they never go into the particulars or risks of the interaction.

In any case, the books apparently suggest that an animagus gains the capacity to speak with different individuals from its species. Pettigrew learned from different rodents about the presence of a shadow in the Albanian backwoods, which drove him to find Voldemort. It is not clear whether Pettigrew acquired this ability by spending more than a decade in the form of a rat or whether it is a trait shared by all Animagus.

Why did Peter Pettigrew Betray Lily and James – the Ultimate Question?

Peter Wormtail betrayed James Potter – an ultimate fact, but why? Why did he do that after Sirius trusted him with such a big secret? Well, as long as we know – Pettigrew did that just because he was worried that he was being on the losing side of the war. At that time, the Death Eaters and Voldemort were much more powerful, so the Wormtail just decided that he preferred to be safe. A wrong decision!

This was one of the signs that Peter has always been selfish and has never been loyal to anybody. As all book readers know  – even Voldemort disdained him and never respected Peter. There is only one reason that he kept him alive for so long – sometimes, just sometimes, he was kind of useful.

Peter Pettigrew

How does Peter Pettigrew Die  – resolving a life debt

The death of Petter Pettigrew is a very interesting and meaningful moment in the whole story. Wormtail and Potter’s relationship has always been fascinating, as Peter has not only been a friend to his family, but also owes a debt to Potter. Why? Because when Harry sees him for the first time, he saves his life, and this creates the life debt which is later resolved in book seven when Pettigrew dies. 

How does Peter Pettigrew wormtail die? In a huge contrast to everything up to now, Peter dies because of a moment of mercy, hesitating to kill Harry when he reminds him of his life debt. The silver hand, which was given to Peter by Voldemort, sees this as a weakness and strangles Wormtail to death. 

Peter was given a Posthumous Order of Merlin

Pettigrew knew where Lily and James were the night they died because he was the Secret Keeper. In the wake of uncovering the area to Voldemort and sealing their destiny, he was defined by Sirius Black and faked his own death. Sirius was captured, and Peter self-isolated.

Later on, he was granted the posthumous distinction of being in the Order for Merlin. This prestigious honour is bestowed upon a select group of wizards who contribute to the wizarding community in some way. It is a disgrace it was squandered on such sludge as Wormtail. In fact – his mother accepted the posthumous, which is one extra interesting fact – Peter’s mother is also alive, but Rowling only states that in the books and never shares her story, which may also be interesting.

Peter Needed a Lot of Time to Become an Animagus

Among all the fascinating powers in the magic world of Harry Potter, becoming an animal is one of the ultimate best. The Marauders originally became animagi to invest energy with Lupin while he was in his werewolf form; in creature form – they could take on Lupin in the event that he turned out to be especially wild.

In any case, the cycle was troublesome and required significant sorcery expertise, making sense of why Pettigrew took the longest to accomplish it and could prevail with regards to turning into a rat. Imagine your friends being powerful animals, and Peter Pettigrew Animagus form being a rat… Sirius and James both turned out to be enormous and noteworthy creatures, however Pettigrew needed to settle with a modest rat. Looking back – living under his companions’ steady shadow shouldn’t have been simple and most likely caused serious hatred in Pettigrew’s heart.

Peter Pettigrew

Pettigrew was not Loyal to Voldemort

Peter Pettigrew was NOT loyal to Voldemort; in fact, he was never loyal to anybody but to his own safety. He only saw Voldemort as a means of gaining power because he was self-centred and interested only in himself. Following his loss, Pettigrew stowed away to try not to confront other Death  Eaters and just returned to Voldemort on the grounds that Sirius ruined his cover.

At the point when he invested energy with Voldemort, he showed no genuine obligation to him and really appeared to be sickened by his lord’s absence of a body. At the point when Voldemort gets back to control, Pettigrew fears him, making plainly that he remained with the Dark Lord out of dread and not respect or loyalty.

In fact, even the Death Eaters knew that Peter was a traitor. Even after his defeat some of them stayed loyal (Bellatrix, Barty Crouch Jr), and went to Azkaban instead of scattering him. Others denounced the Dark Lord and built their new lives. However – most of them thought that Peter actually betrayed Voldemort by leading him to the Potter’s house, where he was almost killed. 

Peter kept Voldemort’s Wand

All Potterheads know – the wand is essential for every wizard, each wand has its own unique powers and chooses his wizard. Oh, we all dream of a wand, right? But let’s get to the facts. Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands were twins, and this was one of the crucial facts in the series. 

Following his loss, Voldemort left his wand in the disaster area of the Potter house. Pettigrew took it, apprehensive that the Service would involve it as verification against him and concealed it in an undisclosed area. After Sirius ruined his cover as Scabbers, Pettigrew recuperated the wand and headed out to Albania to track down Voldemort, rejoining wizard and wand. The series has never uncovered where Pettigrew hid the wand – despite the fact that it’s an urgent piece of wizarding legend.

This was it, Potterheads – 10 facts about Petter Pettigrew from Harry Potter which you probably didn’t know. We surely believe that he is one of the most interesting and controversial characters in the world of Harry Potter. And even though he is hated by most fans, his impact on the overall story is essential, and without him – it wouldn’t be the same. So next time you decide to enjoy Harry Potter books or movies – keep an eye on Pettigrew (played by Timothy Spall) – he is a character that is worth your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter?

Peter Pettigrew is one of Lord Voldemort’s most loyal servants – a far cry from the company he kept in his Hogwarts days.

Who plays Wormtail in Harry Potter?

Peter Pettigrew, played by Timothy Spall – is an amazing actor recognized all around the globe. 

Does Wormtail die in the movies?

Yes, Wormtail dies in the movies, resolving his debt to Harry Potter. When Peter hesitates to kill Harry, his Silver Hand given to him by Voldemort interprets this as a disloyalty and strangles him to death.

Was Peter Pettigrew in Gryffindor?

Yes, as it is stated in the book, Peter was a friend of Sirius, Lupin and James, as they all went to Hogwarts, in the same house – Gryffindor. However, the Sorting Hat could see through Pettigrew and upon the first year of his stay in the magic school, the Hat couldn’t decide if Peter had to be in Slytherin on Gryffindor. Interesting, as Harry also had the same issue. We believe that the Hat placed Pettigrew in Gryffindor as it wanted to give him a chance to show his best side, sadly – it didn’t work out.

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