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Top 10 Facts About Joseph Quinn

Did you know these things about the Stranger Things actor?

by Todor Ivanov

Joseph Quinn was one of the highlights of Stranger Things, Season 4. A charming rogue with a smile that teen girls love, the young British actor won scores of fans all over the world. His iconic take on Master of Puppets even took him on the stage along with the song’s original authors – heavy metal titans Metallica.

But who is Joseph Quinn, who was he in Game of Thrones, is he dating, and does he has a tattoo? We have covered it all here – top 10 facts about Joseph Quinn!

Who is Joseph Quinn?

Joseph Quinn was born on January 26, 1994. He’s been acting since he was a baby but became one of the hottest stars in the world thanks to his role in Netflix’s Stranger Things. On the show, he plays troublesome yet lovable metalhead Eddie Munson.

But that’s not his first major appearance in a high-profile production. Joseph also starred in Les Misérables, Catherine the Great, and Game of Thrones!

He is 1.77m tall and is an Aquarius!

An actor by heart and an actor by education

In an interview a few years ago, Joe stated that he graduated from the famous London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). LAMDA gave way to other famous British actors like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rose Leslie, and Sherlock himself – Benedict Cumberbatch.

He also shared that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d be on a beach, doing something cheap, but being happy. We feel you, Joe!

He plays the guitar in the Stranger Things finale, for real!

Eddie has been a fan favorite since Episode 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things. Still, he took the world by storm with his life-saving guitar solo of the heavy metal anthem Master of Puppets. He won the hearts of everyone, especially metalheads, and Metallica’s song reached #1 in the charts for the first time since 1986.

The actor stated in an interview that he had enjoyed playing the guitar since he was very young, so he bought one after reading the script. And as seen in one of the show’s writers on Twitter – he’s really good at it!

He said it was at first “daunting” to join the Stranger Things cast

In another interview, Joseph stated that joining the cast of Stranger Things was daunting. However, he is delighted with his time in the show (and so are we!). He also shared that he really liked his co-stars, who became his dear friends from just a bunch of strangers.

It took only two audition tapes for Joseph Quinn to land the role of Eddie Munson

Mr. Quinn landed his role in Stranger Things after two auditions, claiming that the whole process was straightforward.

He initially sent a tape to the Duffer brothers – Stranger Things’ showrunners, who asked for a second one, and then gave him the part. That was Joe’s first role in the US, and he had heard about those grueling Hollywood auditions. He still doesn’t understand why and how he got the part, but he is grateful!

He listened to a lot of Metallica and Black Sabbath to prepare for his role

Joe’s character Eddie is a huge metalhead. Apart from his iconic Metallica riff, we all remember his line “THIS IS MUSIC” when holding an Iron Maiden tape. He prepared for this role by listening to a lot of heavy metal!

In one of his recent interviews, Joe stated that he prepared for his role by listening to fellow brits Black Sabbath and, of course – Metallica. Joe said he was never really into heavy metal when growing up but was aware of these bands and their songs and actually listened to some of them.

Joseph Quinn Was A Guitar Player Before Stranger Things

We’ve mentioned it above – Joseph was a guitar pro before his role as Eddie. Although he had never performed Master of Puppets before, he did a great job. And the track is complicated – it’s over eight minutes long with a sophisticated solo three minutes in. But there was no pre-recording of this one! He shredded every single note of it!

Joseph Quinn Is a Fan of The “Chrissy Wake Up!” Meme

All four seasons of Stranger Things have spawned many memes. One of the most famous ones from Season 4 is “Chrissy Wake Up!” featuring Eddie and fellow schoolmate Chrissy Cunningham. In it, Eddie’s trying to snap her out of Vecna’s inner visions.

The most famous version of this is courtesy of Schmoyoho, titled simply “Chrissy, wake up!”, receiving millions of views on TikTok and YouTube. It won millions of fans, including Joseph Quinn himself! He told TV host Jimmy Falon that he liked the song so much that it was always floating around his head!

Metallica Loved His Rendition of Master of Puppets

Joe Quinn won millions of fans with his performance in Stranger Things, including some famous ones. Amongst the enjoyers of his rendition of Master of Puppets was Metallica themselves! Widely known as a light-hearted bunch, James Hatfield and co enjoyed his take so much that they took a personal interest in the young British actor.

Eddie playing the guitar was featured in all of Metallica’s recent shows. They even invited him to join them on stage and gave him a signed guitar. Now that’s probably one of our favorite Joseph Quinn facts!

He Thought Eddie’s Hair in Stranger Things Was “Ridiculous”

Every metalhead is proud of his luxurious mane! Many consider the long hair the most-recognizable feature of the metalhead culture, and Eddie Munson was no exception. However, Joseph thought Eddie’s hair to be ridiculous.

Joseph Quinn Was On Game of Thrones

Fans freaked out when they learned that their favorite metalhead was on another one of their favorite shows – HBO’s stunner Game of Thrones. Was he a Stark? Or a Baratheon? His features are of a Tully, certainly!

Joseph Quinn in Game of Thrones

Joseph Quinn during his appearance in Game of Thrones

Well, he was Koner. Koner was the soldier at the gate of Winterfell who refused to let Arya in. Nothing impressive besides his Northern English accent.

Unlike most of his younger co-stars in Stranger Things, Joe shared the stage with some notable names both on-screen ad on stage. Mr. Quinn co-starred with Helen Mirren in 2019’s Catherine The Great and shared the stage with Olivia Colman in 2017 for the West End play Mosquitoes.

In conclusion

Joseph Quinn won the hearts of fans, reaching mainstream popularity with his performance as Eddie Munson. At 29, the British author is very young, and the future is ahead. We can’t wait to see him in any forthcoming productions, and we hope he’ll make an appearance in Stranger Things Season 5!


Who is Joseph Quinn dating?

This a commonly-asked question, especially by his female fanbase. Currently, there is no public information that Joe is in a relationship.

Where can we see him outside of Stranger Things?

Joseph Quinn’s IMDb profile states that his part as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things was his last one as of the moment of writing. His other prominent roles are in Overlord, the TV series Dickensian, Catherine the Great, and Les Misérables.

Is Joseph Quinn British?

Yes, he is. Joseph Quinn was born in London in 1994.

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