Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch Different from the Classics

Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch Different from the Classics

Wonder what to watch on Christmas? Wonder no more!

by Iva Rizova

Christmas movies – we love talking about them!

The Christmas mood overwhelms us more and more, and when the end of the day comes, we want to watch not just a movie but a Christmas one. Many productions take place along this bright holiday, but to be honest, few of them are worth it. Most are too sweet and have a not-very-interesting story.

What do we define as a good Christmas movie? It should carry the spirit of the holiday, the plot should not be too predictable, and there should be something touching and maybe a dose of laughter.

We at The Dope Lists tried to make a list of Christmas movies, different from the classics, to enjoy in the last month of the year.

The Last Christmas, 2019

The Last Christmas

The American-British film is based on the 1984 song of the same name, which we all undoubtedly know. Katarina is an ambitious young singer working as an elf in a Christmas shop. Although she is surrounded by the magic of Christmas every day, Kate hates her job, does not get along with her family, and her friends leave her one by one. One day, she meets a man named Tom Webster who will change her life. So far, nothing is surprising. But believe us, the film will touch your hearts with its unpredictable finale.

Snow Bride, 2013

Snow Bride

Greta is a tabloid reporter who competes with a colleague for a promotion. The condition is to be the first to get to the history of the engagement of Senator Tannenhill’s son. While Wes acts calmly chasing the story, Greta rushes in wholly unprepared, influenced by her own problems. After a series of comic misapprehensions, she finds herself at Tannenhill’s house. During her stay, she discovers that the family does not fit into the category of typical rich people, and Greta must decide how far she is willing to go to publish the story and be promoted.

Christmas Cupid, 2010

Christmas Cupid

Charles Dickens’s Christmas Carol is such a famous and beloved story that screenwriters and directors are regularly inspired to make a modern version of the timeless plot. Christmas Cupid tells the story of the ambitious and selfish Sloane. She is planning the premiere of the new film starring the actress Caitlin Quinn, known for her unbridled behavior. But an unexpected event confuses her plans and changes her life. Best known for her role in the popular teen series Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson plays the spirit of past, present, and future Christmas. Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill is in the role of Sloane’s inexperienced love.

Almost Christmas, 2016

Almost Christmas

The Meyers family soon lost their foothold in Grace’s face. Her husband, Walter, can’t handle the loss, and the upcoming holidays make him invite his four children, Cheryl, Christian, Rachel, and Evan, with their families to spend Christmas together. But he quickly realizes that without Grace’s help, his desperate attempt to reunite the family is unlikely to succeed. The misunderstanding between his children and their own problems only fuels the fire. The perfect Christmas looks like a mirage, and only a miracle can keep everyone under one roof for five whole days. Include this in your list of Christmas movies!

The Princess Switch, 2018, 2020, 2021

The Princess Switch

The tale of The Prince and the Pauper with a modern reading and Christmas spirit… multiplied by three. Yes, this proposal of ours consists of three parts that you can watch with your partner or with your children. Vanessa Hudgens will guarantee you fun with her masterful game, and the expected but funny plot will keep you in front of the screens with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of cocoa. Well, maybe multiplied by three because you have to watch three movies after all. So you better prepare for a movie marathon, especially if you watch it with your kids.

Love Hard, 2021

Love Hard

Nina Dobrev tells us about modern online meetings and their misconceptions. Thinking that she has found her perfect half, she surprises him in New York. But there, she turns out to be more surprised than the object of her desires. She stays during the holidays with the family of her perfect online match, on the one hand, to fulfill his desire and help him and, on the other hand, to satisfy herself and get what she wants. Until she finally realizes that all the time, she was mistaken.

Holidate, 2020


Sloane hates not only Christmas but all the holidays on which the family gathers. The reason is that she is the only one without a partner in the family, and her relatives do not stop teasing her while her mother tries to set her up with a man whom Sloane does not like. Unexpectedly, she takes an example from her aunt. The latter leads a different man to each holiday so as not to be single. But Sloane solves the problem permanently by signing a contract with Jackson according to which they must be together every holiday. Are you curious to know how this will end? Just watch. It’s one of the best Christmas movies we’ve watched lately.

A Cinderella Christmas, 2016

A Cinderella Christmas

The story of Cinderella is a favorite of many children, and this is probably this is the reason why a new remake of Charles Perrault’s work comes out quite often. This film is no exception. But there is one slight difference – the action takes place around Christmas. Although it is clear to all of us how this film will end, it still brings the coziness of the holiday, the hope that goodwill wins, and you can take some ideas from it for the decorations and gifts. We also know how difficult it is to find a suitable film for kids. They will definitely like this one. Still, the plot is about a favorite fairytale character and Christmas.

Office Christmas Party, 2016

Office Christmas Party

It’s December, and the Vanstone family’s company fails to justify its costs. Clay desperately tries to change that, but the possibilities slip out of his hands. The situation is complicated when his unscrupulous sister Carol shows up and plans to cancel the traditional Christmas party and lay off 40% of employees to reduce the cost of bonuses. However, Clay and the company’s technical director secretly decide to organize the party despite Carol’s ban. How will this end? Enjoy this Christmas action to find out. We will only say that Jennifer Aniston definitely knows how to play the role of a bitch.

Home Sweet Home Alone, 2021

Home Sweet Home Alone

Okay, we know how that sounds. Let’s explain. It is clear that this is the fifth part of the Home Alone series and that the first two parts are and will remain the best, while the others are just cursory copies of the original. But think about how such a production would be made in the modern world with all the technologies surrounding us. You definitely need a solid dose of imagination to do this. So give it a chance, and if you don’t like it, you can always go back in time and follow the Christmas tradition by watching the classic version. Admit that Christmas without Home Alone is just not Christmas.

We hope these Christmas movies on our list will put you in the best holiday mood as you watch, wrapped in a blanket, with fragrant gingerbread and a glass of cocoa or wine. And who knows? The new Christmas classics can be included in this list…

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