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Top 10 Beatles Songs in History

What's the best from The Beatles' legendary catalog?

by The Dope Lists

Can we possibly name the best Beatles’ songs of all time? Probably not, but let’s give it a try. We at The Dope Lists are not afraid to share our opinion.

The Beatles were a rock band formed in Liverpool, England, in the 1960s. The members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The Beatles is considered the most influential band of all time. They have mixed traditional pop with rock influencing a lot of the younger generation with their unique style. The Beatles have 13 albums and 227 songs. We at the Dope Lists present you the top ten Beatles songs from our perspective.

10. “Help!”

The song lyrics were created by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and recorded in 1965. John Lennon is the main writer, and McCartney is the main creator of the musical melodies. Ringo Starr was playing the drums and the tambourine, the lead guitarist was Harrison and also the back vocalist, the second background vocalist but also the bass player, was McCartney, and John Lennon was the lead singer and guitar player.

The song “Help!” was written by John Lennon for the Beatles movie. Lennon claims that the actual writing of the song was a cry for help, as the title exclaimed. At that time, the lead singer of the Beatles was feeling insecure and lost. He was singing to the younger version of himself, trying to find what made him complete back then. The song is a reminder of the easiness of life in the beginning and how it became different at the time of the song’s creation.

“Help” was initially written as a ballad but had to be changed, speeding it up to become more commercial. The recording of the song took only one night in April 1965. There were 12 takes, and the final one was considered the most successful. It was released both in the UK and USA in July 1965. “Help” was on the top of the charts in both countries.

9. “Hey Jude”

“Hey Jude” was written by Paul McCartney and released in August 1968. The Beatles had a new label, Apple Records, and this song was their first release with this label. McCartney was not only a vocalist, but also playing the piano and bass guitar, John Lennon was a background vocalist and acoustic guitar player, Ringo Starr was playing the drums and the tambourine, and Harrison was the second back vocalist and electric guitar player.

The idea of the song is based on the times spent with Cynthia and Julian Lennon at their Weybridge house. McCartney was trying to present the good sides of a bad situation, telling them that the thing would get better as time passing on.
They eventually changed the name “Julles” to “Jude”. Paul McCartney recorded a piano demo in London. He played the song for the first time for John Lennon in the middle of July. Lennon suggested some editing, and after the song was released, it was welcomed by the audience because of the optimistic character of the lyrics.

“Hey Jude” became the top-selling single in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia in 1968.

8. “Yesterday”

“Yesterday” was created by Paul McCartney and first released in 1965 on the “Help!” album. It was also released as a single in the US in September and become number 1 on the American charts. The song is different from the others because Paul McCartney was the only original member of “The Beatles” participating in it. The other musicians were Tony Gilbert, Sidney Wax ( both playing the violin), Kenneth Essex playing on viola, and Francisco Gabarro on the cello.

The song’s original title was “Scrambled Eggs” and was created during the filming of “Help”.

The first recording was on June 14th, 1965. It took only two takes for McCartney to record his vocals and guitar. It was suggested by Martin to use a string quartet instead of the other instruments.

The Guinness Book of Records claimed that “Yesterday” was the most covered song of all time. BBC Radio poll announced the song to be the best of the 20th century and the number one song in the history of music according to MTV in 2000. The song was also a huge part of the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1997.

7. “Let it Be”

“Let it Be” was released on March 6th, 1970, created by Paul McCartney. The idea is based on a dream of McCartney of his mother during a stressful period for him. Unfortunately, she died of cancer which was an inspiration for McCartney for the “Mother Mary” lyric.

He felt isolated as a band member, and the song symbolized the disintegration of the group. Still, this tune remains one of the most well-known Beatles songs.

6. “Strawberry Fields Forever”

The song was written by John Lennon and proclaimed the change of the band’s style from the previous singles into a psychedelic genre.

“Strawberry Fields” was the name of a children’s home close to Lennon’s home in Woolton. He used to play with his friends in the area behind the home as a kid.

The beginning of the writing of the song was in Spain in 1966. The theme is about the nostalgia for the past of the group in Liverpool. The psychedelic character of the song is enriched with the LSD-infused lens used by the cast.

5. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in London. The band wanted to create a pop song to become on the top of the charts in the US. It was successful. “The Beatles” used four-track technology for the first time for this song. Lennon was a vocalist and playing the rhythm guitar, McCartney was also a vocalist and playing the bass guitar, Harrison was the lead guitarist and hand-claps, Ringo was the drummer.

The song was number one in the UK on the day of the release and also “The Beatles” first number one hit in the US. Most importantly, it became the bestseller worldwide with over 12 million copies sold.

4. “In My Life”

The song, written mainly by John Lennon, presented the memories of living in Liverpool. The vocalist defined the song as his primary piece of work because he reviewed his real life in the lyrics. McCartney had a significant influence on the bridge of the song.

It was recorded on October 18th, 1965. Lennon was the lead singer and playing the rhythm guitar, McCartney played the bass and harmonizing, Harrison was also harmonizing and playing the lead guitar, and Ringo Starr played the drums and bells. The producer of the band, George Martin, participated as a pianist and playing the tambourine.

The song was on the 23th place in “Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” –”Rolling Stone”.

3. “Something”

The writer of the song is George Harrison, the lead guitarist. That made it different from the previous songs of the group. It was written in 1968 but finished the following year. Harrison was influenced by Ray Charles and his voice as a tool for the melody and the notes.

The song became the second-most covered after “Yesterday.”

2. “Come Together”

Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote the song. It was a support for the activist Timothy Leary. There were funk and blues features which made it suitable for dancing and popular for the audience.

The political side of the song was because it was created for Leary’s campaign against Reagan for the competition for the governance of California. John Lennon wanted to help with the campaign, but they put Leary in prison for possessing marijuana.

The song topped the American charts and was 4th in the UK. Now it’s one of the most loved Beatles songs.

1. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

George Harrison wrote the song, and it was part of the 1968 album. Harrison connected with Eric Clapton to contribute to the recording. Clapton participated as a guitarist, which led McCartney and Lennon to join. Harrison played the acoustic guitar and was the lead vocalist, Lennon played the guitar, McCartney was a pianist, Starr was the drummer, Clapton was the lead guitarist.

The song was listed in 136th place on “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. It also was 42th in Guitar World’s List of “100 Greatest Guitar Solos” in 2008.

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