original cast Hawaii Five-O

The Original Cast Hawaii Five-O: How Did It All Start?

Let's go through the history of Hawaii Five-O.

by Vladimira Alexieva

The history of television is filled with shows that have had a lasting impact on the world of entertainment. “Hawaii Five-O,” which first aired in 1968, is a groundbreaking crime drama series. While the show enjoyed a run of 12 seasons, it was the cast that laid the groundwork for its enduring reputation. In this article, let’s take a trip back in time to honor the actors who brought Hawaii Five-O to life. Later on, we will also talk about the Hawaii Five-O new cast and the characters they are playing. 

Who were the members of the original cast Hawaii Five-O?

Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett

original cast Hawaii Five-O

Jack Lord‘s portrayal of Steve McGarrett in “Hawaii Five-O” is widely regarded as one of television’s definitive performances in crime dramas. He skillfully captured the essence of the character in many ways. On-screen, Jack Lord had a presence. His towering height, jawline, and commanding voice made him a perfect fit for portraying Steve McGarrett. He embodied a determined police officer known for his commitment to solving cases and relentless pursuit of justice. Jack Lord effectively conveyed this level of dedication through his portrayal, which became a part of Steve McGarrett’s personality.

“Arrest them, Danno!” became widely recognized as one of the catchphrases delivered by Jack Lord in his role as McGarrett. This line became closely linked to the character and the overall show. Whenever a case was successfully resolved, McGarrett would utter this phrase, instructing his partner, Detective Danny Williams (portrayed by James MacArthur), to apprehend the perpetrator.

James MacArthur as Danny Williams

James MacArthur as Danny Williams

James MacArthur was so important to the Hawaii Five-O cast original. He played Danny Williams, and he made the part stand out. Danny was McGarrett’s buddy and sidekick. Their back-and-forth and unbreakable friendship led to some of the best scenes on Hawaii Five-O. The audience loved how MacArthur brought Danny to life. Danno became this beloved character that we all connected with because of how MacArthur played him. Many of the great moments on Hawaii Five-O came from Danny and McGarrett playing off each other. You just believed they were true pals. So, MacArthur deserves major credit for making Danny so memorable and helping make Hawaii Five-O a hit.

Kam Fong as Chin Ho Kelly

Original Cast Hawaii Five-O

Kam Fong was the actor who played Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-O. Chin Ho was one of the leading detectives on the team, along with Steve McGarrett. Fong brought a unique presence to the role. He played Chin Ho as a mellow, wise guy – like the calm counterpart to McGarrett’s intensity. Chin Ho had this deep connection to Hawaii that came across in how Fong played him; you could tell the islands meant a lot to the character. Fong captured that through little gestures and facial expressions. It’s kind of hard to explain, but he made Chin Ho feel authentic.  

Fong was so good at showing Chin Ho’s wisdom too. He didn’t have to say much; it was evident in how he carried himself and dealt with things on the show. And Fong made sure Chin Ho always came across as a man of integrity. That’s part of why fans loved the character so much. Chin Ho was the steady, ethical presence among all the actions going down on Hawaii Five-O. Fong portrayed him in a thoughtful, genuine way that resonated with viewers. It was a subtle performance, but powerful.

Zulu as Kono Kalakaua

Kono Kalakaua

The character Zulu (Gilbert Lani Kauhi) played was Kono Kalakaua. Kono was the team’s muscle, bringing a distinct perspective to the group dynamics. In “Hawaii Five-O,” Zulu’s commanding presence and warm-hearted attitude cemented Kono’s place. 

This version was adapted into another show with the same name and a similar plot. The actors differed. Having debuted in 2010, the show has had 10 seasons to date. 

Hawaii’s Governor, Pat Jameson, formed a state task force to combat a wide range of major crimes throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Due to the lack of a state police force, Hawaii had to create this special team. Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, a former Navy SEAL who puts his broad expertise to bear in investigating a wide range of criminal activities, from counterterrorism operations to high-stakes kidnappings, leads this team.

 Which actors appear in the 2010 remake?

The star of the 2010 remake of the show is…

Alex O’Loughin

The character that O’Loughin is playing is Lieutenant Commander Steven J. “Steve” McGarrett. He heads the special team and is the son of retired HPD Sergeant – John McGarrett. Steve returns to Hawaii and the Task Force is formed because of his father’s mysterious murder.

Steve McGarrett

Scott Caan

Hawaii Five-O Danny

Scott Caan is the actor who plays Danny in the remake of the series. Detective Sergeant Danny, or “Danno” Williams, is a divorced single father who transferred from Newark PD, which is based in New Jersey, to be with his daughter and is the second-in-command of the Five-0 team. 

Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly’s character is portrayed by 

Daniel Dae Kim 

Chin Ho Kelly

(from seasons 1 to 7). The character is a veteran detective who provides technical expertise and local know-how. During the finale of the 7th season, Chin is offered the lead position of the Five-0 Task Force established in San Francisco, which he later accepts. This was written into the show after he departed the series in 2017.

Grace Parker

Kono Kalakaua

Grace Parker is the actor who plays Kono Kalakaua. The officer is a former surfer recruited by McGarrett when she was just finishing the HPD Academy. She’s the cousin of Chin Ho Kelly. After the end of the seventh season, Kalakaua is seen abroad in Carson City, when it’s revealed that she has joined a force team aimed at combating sex trafficking.

Many other characters can be seen in all 10 seasons of the show.

What is the difference between the show’s original and old cast?

The main difference between the original cast and the Hawaii Five-O cast new is that in the more recent version, we can see people that differ by their skin color, spoken language, religion, and beliefs. Both the original and the remake are captivating and, in our opinion, a must-watch if you are into criminal series.

In conclusion, the history of modern television is marked by iconic shows that have left a lasting impact on the world of entertainment, and “Hawaii Five-O” is undeniably one of these shows. The original series, which first aired in 1968, owes much of its enduring reputation to the remarkable cast that brought it to life. The 2010 “Hawaii Five-0” remake introduced a new generation of actors and plotlines while staying true to the essence of the original series. 


Who is in the Hawaii Five-O cast 2022?

As the show was officially canceled in 2020, no new episodes were released in 2022.

Who joined the Hawaii Five-O Season 8 cast?

The main cast has been expanded with the addition of Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale.

What happened to Hawaii Five-O cast Kono?

Grace Park, the actress who played Kono, left Hawaii Five-O because she could not agree with CBS over her contract and salary.

Who are the main Hawaii 5-0 cast members?

The remake uses the same concept and characters as the original series, with the main characters Alex O’Loughlin, Chin Ho Kelly, and Grace Park all represented.

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