The Last of Us clickers

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Last of Us Clickers

If you see a clicker - run!

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The Last of Us clickers are horrible, deadly creatures who will suck your life out. It requires a lot of effort and luck to survive meeting a clicker. But who are they, and what should we know about them?

Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us is considered one of the greatest video games of all time. Probably the greatest. It was released in 2013 and quickly won gamers’ hearts with its stunning story, excellent graphics, and impressive gameplay. In 2020 we saw the release of a sequel.

On January 15, we will also have the opportunity to see the debut episode of the upcoming The Last of Us TV Show. HBO developed it while Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey was cast as Joel and Ellie, respectively. We can’t wait to see it because such a beautiful game deserves a movie or a TV show. Chernobyl’s Graig Mazin is the showrunner, which gives us a lot of hope for success. Mazin has already proved to be stunningly good at what he does.

The trailer for the Last of US TV show gave us excellent vibes about the production. It costs a lot of money to make it, although it’s not the most essential thing in this case. What’s important is to catch the game’s specific atmosphere and recreate the Joel and Ellie relationship. 

But back to the topic – the Last of Us clickers. They are among the most dangerous enemies in the games. Surely we will see them in the TV show, too. Let’s see what we can tell you about them.

The Last of Us clickers

Credit: Naughty Dog

Last of Us clickers are in the third stage of infection

In the Last of Us universe, humanity is almost erased by an infection caused by a Cordyceps brain infection which turns every man, woman, or child into a zombie. That’s what led to the post-apocalyptic world we see in the games

The clickers are humans currently in the third stage of Cordyceps infection. They barely look like humans anymore compared to runners or stalkers. Their faces are completely skewed by the fungus that developed in their brains. The TLOU clicker is not a nice thing to look at!

They are enormously strong

Being exposed to the infection for so long comes with some physical gains. The clickers are among the strongest enemies in the Last of Us universe regarding brute force. You should never allow them to catch you because getting out is almost impossible. The only way to take them out is by doing it from a distance. Hand-to-hand combat would be a huge mistake.

The Last of Us clickers are highly intelligent

Make no mistake – clickers are much more intelligent than your average zombie. If they ever heard a prey running around them, they would follow and never leave the area until they got their lunch. They use their hearing for hunting, so they will check every place in the room. When the clicker sees the prey, it will enter “berserk mode” and attack on sight. Shooting the clicker in the head (or what’s left of it) is advisable in this case.

You can use a shiv to escape the clicker’s grapple

Being caught by the Last of Us clickers means death unless you have a shiv you can use. In this case, you can get the shiv to defend yourself and escape alive. Ellie can also use her switchblade to eliminate them. In all cases, you must be extra careful with them – just one mistake would mean losing your life.

The Last of Us clickers

Credit: Naughty Dog

They appear as Easter Eggs in other games

The Last of Us clickers became so popular that you can see them appearing (sort of) in other video games as well. For example, in Life is Strange 2, you can witness Diaz joking with his brother Daniel making clicker noises. On the other hand, clickers appear in Minecraft as well. You can spot them in Hypixel’s Infection mode.

These are some of the most important facts about the Last of Us clickers. Surely we will see them in the upcoming TV show as well. And don’t forget – if you witness a clicker in real life, just run and never look back.


Is The Last of Us on PC?

Sony announced that we will have a Last of Us PC port at the beginning of March 2023.

Is The Last of Us on Xbox?

Sadly, you can’t find The Last of Us on Xbox.

Who stars as Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us TV Show?

Pedro Pascal was cast as Joel, while Bella Ramsey will be Ellie.

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