Top 10 of the Strangest Donations Ever Made

Top 10 of the Strangest Donations Ever Made

These donations barely make any sense.

by The Dope Lists

Charity is an act that is inherent in good, benevolent people who care about one or another’s noble cause. This is the meaning of living – to be good, and giving to people. However, what can we say about the following things ranked in the Top 10, which have been the subject of a donation? They are supposed to be called at least strange. Let us present to you 10 of the strangest donations ever made by people.

10. Toilet seat

toilet seat

How would you react if you found a toilet bowl in front of a thrift store? Someone was generous enough to provide – mind you – a used and unwashed toilet bowl as a donation! And would it occur to you to make such an item? To put it mildly, disgusting donation. It was not clear who the donor was or its message.

9. Lots of shoes, but single ones


It would be nice if you owned a charity shop to see that you were given a box full of shoes. Nice, but stirring it, to find that they are not in pairs, but individually. The donor has obviously made a rude joke, but if you think about it, at least for a strange carnival costume, they would have come in handy.

8. Sheep’s head


It’s like you’re in a horror movie! imagine a sheep’s head donation. This is not a joke – it was just part of the unusual items donated to charity shops in 2016. The question is: what and how would this sheep’s head be used for? This a question of increased difficulty, but can you think of anything other than a horror movie?

7. A collection of real bugs and insects


Charm! Imagine you go to a charity shop and what to see but a complete set of real-life insects and bugs – and this is an invaluable donation! However, someone managed to sell them for 205 pounds in the eBay store after someone donated them to the Hull shop.

6. Pile of wood


If you are sure that nothing can surprise you when you think about the strangest items donated, you are wrong. In the age of high technology, air conditioners, and fireplaces, someone has thought about the coldness of the poor enough to donate a pile of wood to a charity shop. The question is: why once?

5. Beheaded Barbie dolls


Imagine the following situation: you go with your little girl to a charity shop, and what to see: Barbie dolls without clothes and heads! Someone donated a bag full of such dolls. A psychopath probably… Otherwise, how do we explain the lack of heads? As for the clothes – alright, it’s not so unusual! Maybe you have Barbie dolls, and your child has torn their clothes, but you are sorry to bin them, so you’d prefer to donate them. This is noble, but what do we call their mass beheading???

4. Blank CD


How would you react if they brought you a completely empty CD? You will say – why not? Okay, but its box isn’t there, either! In practice, it is useless. But, wait a minute! Yes, we have heard that if you hang an empty CD on your balcony space, you will chase away the pigeons, and they will not nest on your balcony! So, the application has been found!

3. Communion Bag

First Jesus

This sinister object of donation cannot be called otherwise but weird. This is something that is for rites performed by a priest. It looks like a doctor’s bag with a cross on it, but black. Inside, there were all the things necessary for communion in the home and the last rites of dying. The bag in question was handed over to the nearby Catholic Church for obvious reasons.

2. Box of human ashes


And if you think that the Communion bag is the strangest, most sinister object ever donated, then what about a box of human ashes? Of course, they somehow returned it to its “owner.”

1. Set of false teeth

false teeth

This donation deserves a place in the honorary ranking of the Top 10 of the strangest items for donation. Used or not – we cannot know this, but one thing is for sure – they have now become part of the city’s garbage.

This list comprises examples, having been drawn from among the strangest, most terrifying, and inexplicable things to donate. If we have to list everything, you will find unnecessary things, even harmful ones, and the list would probably take more than 10 pages. Here, we have selected the ones that leave you in deep thought. What else can “donors” shock us worldwide in the future? We are about to see.

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